Bob Sheehy
Professor of Biology
Department of Biology
Box 6931
Radford University
Radford, Virginia 24142

Phone: (540) 831-5655
Office: Center for the Sciences 277
Lab: Center for the Sciences 266 B and C


Rainbow line

Schedule for Fall Semester 2021:

New: Radford Vulture Cafe' - A web cam at the Selu Conservancy.


Human Genetics for pre-nursing students
The Human Body and Identity: Race, Gender and Genetics

Research Interests:

Communal roost behavior of New World Vultures (Cathartidae) Check out the Radford Vulture Cafe web cam!
Field determination of sex in monomorphic avian species
Population Genetics of Plethodon taxa.
Phylogenetic Analysis of Accipitridae (Hawks, Kites, Eagles and Old World Vultures).

Simulations and Animations:

Web Popgen is a population genetics simulation program.

EvolGenius is a Java based computer program that simulates microevolutionary change within a single population. It is base on an earlier version written in C++ by Rich Kliman. This allows for more advanced simulations of population genetic principles than is possible with Web PopGen. (e.g., two loci with two alleles and the possibility of linkage between loci.

3 point test cross data - This simulation generates 3 point test cross data for you to practice your analysis. All problems are the same format.  At least two of the three loci are always linked while the third locus usually, but not always, is linked to the other two. Loci may be in any order.

Mutation Equilibria. A simple model of mutation.

Dihybrid Cross: A simple flash movie demonstrating independent assortment of two genes on different chromosomes, and the Genotypic distributions of zygotes that lead to the 9:3:3:1 distribution of phenotypes.

Chi-Square: allows you to test the observed phenotypic distribution against the expected phenotypic distribution of a dihybrid cross using the chi square test.

Epistasis: generates random data sets and allows you to test how well the data fits a particular genetic model.

Human Cytogenetic Analysis: Tutorial on karyotyping and interactive karyotyping simulations that allow the user to complete normal and abnormal karyotypes and make a diagnosis.

Calculation of Allele Frequency: Calculate allele frequency from observed phenotypes.

Allele/genotype frequency calculations in a population assuming Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.

Balanced Translocation: Tutorial explaining the possible gametes formed from an individual carrying a balanced reciprocal translocation (under development).

2 point test cross: Provides simulated data for chi-square and linkage analysis from the F1 of a dihybrid cross.

Web PopGen Beta

Calibrated Peer Review:

I am serving as the administrator for Calibrated Peer Review (CPR), a Web-based program that enables frequent writing assignments even in large classes with limited instructional resources.   

Files for ABLE Workshop

Examples of Interactive Displays


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