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RU Athletics

Audition Info



Team Bios

Interest Meeting
When: Wednesday September 7, 2011
Where: The Bonnie Room 248
Time: 7:00pm
*Come learn about the team and ask any questions you may have prior to tryouts!



2011 - 2012 TRYOUTS



Saturday September 10th - Sunday September 11th
Saturday: Registration begins at 10:30 and the tryout will start at 11.  We will end around 5 (with a break for lunch) or sooner if that long of a time isn't necessary
Sunday: We will begin at 11:30
*You will know whether you have made the team or not before you leave


Tryouts will be held in Peters Hall Gymnasium  

You must bring proof of insurance in order to participate in the tryout. 






 For more information email Shannon Woodfin (Rocker Coach) at   

  1. YES, incoming freshmen are welcome to audition!!!!


  1. toe touch, from a standing prep
  2. right and left triple pirouette
  3. right and left switch leaps
  4. fouette turns
  5. turns in second
  6. axle turns
  7. Must perform a leap combination of your own, containing at least 3 leaps, no more than 5
  8. Must attend all sessions of the audition, fulfilling all the requirements
  9. Please bring a 5x7 picture of you so we can attach it to your paper work. 
  10. Current students must have an overall GPA of an 2.2.



  1. Must be able to attend NDA Collegiate summer dance camp at the end of August (TBA)
  2. Must be able and dedicated to attend NCA/NDA Nationals Championship early April
  3. Must be willing to make RU Rockers a priority after Academics
  4. All basketball games, parades, and other requests are mandatory
  5. Must participate in all Rocker fundraising activities to go to Nationals. Financial problems should not be a problem in determining your participation for Nationals.  You are told months in advance, its your responsibility to save throughout the year for any unexpected or leftover cost. 
  6. Rockers is a year round sport, it does not end after Basketball season
  7. By not committing to go to Nationals, future chances on the team will be jeopardized
  8. Your sweat and positive attitude will not go unnoticed, strive for excellence
  9. The team works out several days a week; running, weight lifting, and practices 3-4 days a week
  10. "Dancers are not great for their technique...they are great because of their passion." Rockers


  1. right or left quad pirouette
  2. fouette turns
  3. double axles
  4. switch center
  5. calypsos
  6. turn holding leg

Auditioning Attire:

Dance shoes

Sports bra/Crop top

Tight fitting dance pants

*Best to bring a water bottle

Performance Makeup

Hair worn out of face



**There is no weight requirement, but Rockers are expected to workout to look great in uniforms.**

    If you have further questions please contact Shannon Woodfin at