Radford on Camera Exec Application


            Please turn in this application with an updated resume, answers to the questions below,    and three letters of recommendation.


            Name:_________________ Phone #:___________________

            E-mail: ________________ Major:____________________

            Major GPA:______ Overall GPA:______


            Position You Are Applying For:_______________________


            *Please answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.*


1.   What role do you think Radford on Camera plays on the Radford University campus?



2.   What skills and talents will you bring to the position you are applying for?



3.   Scenario: A skit or segment on one of the shows is aired and someone calls in saying that it was “indecent” and that we should immediately take it off the air. How do you react?



4.   What plans do you have for the position you are applying for?



5.   Radford on Camera requires a team effort. How do you plan to communicate with the rest of the team and contribute to the team effort?





                        Please turn in completed applications to the ROC-TV office

or to Page Mori. Questions? E-mail: roc-tv@radford.edu