Quad Fest /Alumni Weekend April 22nd !

Once again I encourage anyone interested in coming to Quadfest please feel free to e-mail me at and/or call me @ 804-475-6920 by April 10th.  We are tying  to get an estimate of how many alumni we should expect ! I welcome all of you and hope that you will attend because it is going be a great time. I know many of you haven't been back in a long time so here is your chance to come back and meet the current brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma.I know many of you have wives and families now so hopefully by putting this out now we will help you better prepare to come. Also if your worried about rides to hotels we will have that covered for you. And if you would rather not rent a hotel room we have a bed  2 pull outs at 1204 and I'm sure some brother would be willing open there houses to help out.  Hope to see everyone out in April !!


Alumni Relations

First and foremost I would like to thank the Alumni who have come out and shown their support over the past year.

Alumni Weekend: Brian Stewart, Dave Ragland, J.T. Sutton, Kevin Crouch, Lee Grant, Kellen Smith, Mark Lyle, Jeremy Hedrick, Matt Furr, Joe Krafty, Rob Birney, Jason Gish, Bruce Austin, Lewis Russo, Jason Depuy, Jason Pogue, & Cory Watson

Donations of $50 +: Josh Heinzelmann, Ben Franks, Brian Stewart, Dave Ragland, J.T. Sutton, Kevin Crouch, Lee Grant, Kellen Smith, Chris Conte, Mark Boykin, Richard Bates, Mike Defilippo, Dave Ragone & Daniel Rogers



Alpha & Upsilon Report

Dear Alumni,

            This is the first correspondence that you have received since our fall semester. We hope all of you are doing well and we wish all your families the best. The fraternity is doing well and we are glad that we have such a strong alumni group. Our membership is rising and we are glad to welcome our new members. The Beta Alpha pledge class just successfully got into the fraternity. There are some courageous leaders in this group that should help our fraternity grow strong together.

            This semester is going well for us. We have the new Beta Beta pledge class that is very strong. We would also like to say thank you to all the alumni that came out for alumni weekend in the fall. At the bottom of the page are all the alumni that attended. We love seeing alumni come around and invite you all to stop by whenever you’re in town. We are also trying to get some alumni in for Quad fest which is a big event at Radford. We have had a few emails from alumni saying they want to come so we are planning some events for the weekend. Families are welcome as well there is tons of stuff for the kids to do on campus. An itinerary for the weekend will be posted on the website soon.

            In closing I would like to say thanks to all the alumni over the years for your support. We appreciate seeing you and keeping in touch. The Beta Omega chapter is the strongest one in the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity. We are growing yearly and although faces change our brotherhood will stay the same. I wish all of you the best.



Austin Dickerson



The Brothers of Beta Omega would like to congratulate the new Executive officers of Phi Kap:

Alpha- Jason Riley

Beta- Jaime Jill

Tau- Brian Love   

Iota- Rawles Mallory Wilcox

Pi- Mike Tedesco

Sigma- Amir Ezzeddine

The Brothers of Beta Omega would like to congratulate the Seniors of Spring '06:

John Stacy (Alpha Tau)    Rawles Mallory Wilcox (Alpha Upsilon)

Jaime Jill (Alpha Upsilon)   Joey Wilkinson (Alpha Phi)

 We appreciate everything you have done to better Beta Omega while you were here. We wish you all the best of luck in the future.



Austin Dickerson