The Objects of the Fraternity

The "Objects of Phi Kappa Sigma" are the ideals upon which Samuel Brown Wylie Mitchell founded Phi Kappa Sigma and serve
as the Fraternity’s “mission statement.”

From Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution and Acts of the Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity:

“The Objects of Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity shall be the promotion of good fellowship and the cultivation of the social virtues among our members; the protection of just rights and the advancement of the best interests, present and future, individual and collective, of all those who shall be associated together as members of this Fraternity; the encouragement of good scholarship and the breadth of training for our members; and cooperation in the educational and cultural programs of institutions of higher education in which our Chapters are located.”

Public Mottos

"Brotherhood is more than skin deep."

In 1858, a proposal was introduced to the Fraternity that would have made Phi Kappa Sigma an all-white organization. The
proposal was unanimously voted against, therefore making the Fraternity the first to be anti-discriminatory. Our Brothers
choose men to become members based on the worth of their character, not superficialities like race, religion, or wealth.

"Once a Phi Kap, always a Phi Kap."

Our Brothers retain membership throughout life, because our organization is a lifelong commitment. Our organization
is not something you do for four years in college and then forget about when you graduate – it is a lifelong learning process,
that defines how you mature into a better man, and gives you the ideals to live by.

Stellis Aequus Durando – “equal to the stars in endurance.”

Our Fraternity has survived hardships, World Wars, and countless other obstacles, yet we still remain strong. Since 1850,
Phi Kappa Sigma has become a durable and everlasting organization that will succeed for many years to come. You have a
chance to become a part of our next 153 years of success