Honors Semesters are offered regularly to allow honor students from throughout the United State to gather for learning experiences away from their own campus.  NCHC semesters offer a full load of transferable college credit and combine field studies, research, internships, seminars and a carefully planned living-learning environment that fully exploits the resources of the semester's locale.

Past Honors Semesters have been offered in Washington, D.C., the Grand Canyon, the Texas-Mexico Borderlands, Appalachia, the Maine coast, the Iowa heartland, Puerto Rico, Morocco, Greece and the United Nations.   Click here for a listing of past Honors Semesters participants.

The 2001 Honors Semester will take place in New York and is titled "Reinventing Urban Culture."  Co-sponsored by NCHC and Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, the Semester will take place September 5-December 17, 2001.  For additional information on the New York Semester, contact Ross Wheeler at LIU, Brooklyn, or William Daniel at Winthrop University.

The 2002 Honors Semester that was to have taken place in Korea has been cancelled.  For more information, contact Joan Digby.

For more information on the Honors Semesters, contact Bernice Braid, chair of the Honors Semesters Committee.