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Floyd County High School Place-Based Education

Oral History Project

Floyd Story Center-Radford University-Floyd County High School Place-based Education Project: Intergenerational Connections, 2007-Present


The project focus is oral history interviewing that connects high school age students with elderly residents of their home place, with college age students as mentors.  Since 2007, focus has been on World War II veterans.


Forge Connections, Build Skills and Confidence, Conserve Local History and Culture, and Foster Pride


          High School Students’ Reactions:  A Sample:

I learned that people of all ages can really work together to create a really cool project.   

It kind of opens your eyes to the world, and how it got the way it is now – you realize a lot more things that you didn’t realize – it’s really helpful.  . . .  There’s a lot of people that have stories, so you really want to get their stories and keep them – to where younger people can go back and hear them or watch the interview.  . . .  It was really an overall good experience to have the mentors here.  They gave us good leadership.

WATCH A SHORT YOUTUBE VIDEO, “Polishing Rocks” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hvQGrGMO1k

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