Courses Taught

Engl. 101: Introduction to Expository Writing

Engl. 102: Reading, Writing, and Research

Engl. 202H: Sexual Poetics: A Feminist (Re)vision of British Literary Studies

Engl. 202: Masterpieces of British Literature

Engl. 203: Masterpieces of American Literature

Engl. 433: Renaissance Literature

Engl. 434: Seventeenth-Century Literature

Engl. 453: Female Literary Traditions

Engl. 472: Shakespeare

Engl. 498: Senior Seminar

HONR 490: "The Love that Dare Not Speak Its Name": Introduction to Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Studies

Engl. 500: Introduction to Literary Scholarship

Engl. 533: Studies in English Renaissance: Seventeenth-Century Poetry

Engl. 533: Studies in English Renaissance: Theater and Social Conflict in Early Modern England

Engl. 553: Studies in Women's Literature

Engl. 580: Virginia Woolf--Texts and Contexts

Engl. 580: Sexuality and Culture: Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Studies

Engl. 598: Directed Study in Early Modern Theatre and the Discourses of Sexual Difference

Engl. 598: Directed Study in the Female Slave Narrative

1982-86 Adjunct Assistant Professor of English and Freshman Writing Program, University of Notre Dame

Engl. 109: Composition and Literature

Engl. 180: Responses to Poverty in American Literature

Engl. 186: Humanities Seminar (interdisciplinary honors course)

Engl. 323: Moral Disintegration and Madness in Renaissance Literature

Engl. 329: Poetry

Theo 210: Social Concerns Seminar: Appalachia

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