Student Media Staff Pay

The steps to getting paid:

  1. Complete an I-9 in Human Resources. HR is located in Calhoun Hall (across the street from Draper Dormitory).
    You will need either: Do NOT plan on going to HR without one of the above groups of identification.
  2. See Geoff White in 512 Davis Street, Suite C, to complete a PR-40.
  3. Go to the Cashier's Office on the second floor of Heth Hall to complete a Direct Deposit form.
    You will need a cancelled check from your checkbook when you visit them.
  4. Let your Student Media Leader know when you have completed these steps.

Student Media Staff Payroll Status Chart

If there is any red cell on a person's status, they cannot begin work until AFTER they have completed the necessary steps
and the paperwork has been processed. Any student who has not completed all the necessary steps is ineligible to begin work as a paid employee.

Organization Name I-9 on File with HR? PR-40 Completed with Geoff White Start Date
Exit 109
Exit 109 Autumn Pittman NO NO no start date
Radio Free Radford
ROC-TV Robert Worley Yes Yes 10/23/2012
SMADs Amber Gibson NO Yes no start date
SMADs Matt Pearson Yes Yes 10/1/2012
SMADs Christian Compton Yes Yes 10/1/2012
Tartan Meghan McNeice Yes Yes 10/2/2012
Tartan Laura Enderson Yes Yes 10/2/2012
Tartan Meghan Rhodes Yes Yes 10/9/2012
Tartan Francis Smith Yes Yes 10/2/2012
Tartan Larry White Yes Yes 10/2/2012
Tartan Jennifer Werner Yes Yes 10/2/2012
Tartan Taylor Newman Yes Yes 10/2/2012
Tartan Matt Pearson Yes Yes 10/2/2012
Tartan Rachael Smith Yes Yes 10/9/2012
Tartan Cody Birdsall Yes Yes 10/16/2012
Tartan Jed Anglade NO Yes no start date
Whim Rachel Klein Yes Yes 10/16/2012
Whim Glen Flanagan Yes Yes 10/2/2012
Whim Lace Fretwell NO Yes no start date
Whim Zachary Stapel Yes Yes 10/9/2012
Whim P. Austin Tuley Yes Yes 10/16/2012
Whim Tina Ha Yes Yes 10/9/2012
Whim Brian Hollingsworth NO NO no start date
Whim Caitlyn Lewis NO NO no start date
Whim Wendy Burcham Yes Yes 10/2/2012
Whim Sara Page Yes Yes 10/9/2012