This chapter discusses Marx’s theoretical contributions to the field of Sociology. It stresses that while Marx himself was not a sociologist, he did make significant contributions to its theoretical evolution, particularly in the area of social stratification and/or class theory. Historically, while sociology in some parts of the world has mirrored Marx’s ideas, in other parts Marx was totally ignored. No matter his historical plight within sociology, Ritzer contends that Marx’s contributions must not be overlooked. The chapter begins by discussing Marx’s life, paying particular attention to key historical and intellectual forces which influenced him. A biographical sketch is also offered. Key concepts discussed by Ritzer include the following: the dialectic, human potential (powers and needs, consciousness, activity, sociability, unanticipated consequences), alienation, emancipation, commodities, capital, private property, division of labor, social class, class consciousness, false consciousness. The chapter concludes with a case study dedicated to Marxian economics.

The Marxism List www Page. This site contains links to numerous list serves related to Marx. In order to engage in on-going, theoretical discussions with persons from around the world, visit this site.

The Marxism Page. This web site contains many useful research resources related to Marx. Copies of The Communist Manifesto and other monumental writings by Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky, can be obtained by visiting this site. This site also features an Introduction to Marxist Politics, a recording of The International, copies of Contemporary Marxist material, opportunities for graduate research in Marxism, related graphics, and a search option.

The Marx/Engles Archive. This is the most comprehensive web site dedicated to Karl Marx. It is subdivided into the following headings: Introduction, The Library, M/E Search!, Bio material, Photo Gallery, Other Writers, and What’s New. The Library is this site's strongest attribute.


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WWW Virtual Library: Sociology. This page contains links to sites related to eight different sociological theorists. Marx is included. The Marx section lists ten related links.

This site goes into detail of how the process of Capitalist Competition effects the capitalist class, the middle class, and the working class in regard to the capital and wages that they acquire through their labor power.

This site is a reference to Karl Marx, his major works, and a collection of some of his most famous quotes.

This site explains how John Lennon incorporated the ideas of Marxism into the lyrics of "Revolution" and "Imagine." This site is unique in that it weaves the principles of Marxism through the perspective of music.

This site explains how key individuals, including Karl Marx’s father and next-door neighbor, Freiherr Ludwig von Westphalea, allowed him to understand the tensions experienced by minority classes.

This site critiques the advantages and disadvantages of capitalism versus the advantages and disadvantages of socialism.

This web site contains various links to Marxist topics. Some links contain book reviews about Karl Marx. Many links give information about Marx’s political knowledge. This site presents a general understanding of Marx’s ideology.

This site takes a comprehensive look at contemporary sociology. It concentrates on struggle, solidarity, and socialism. It discusses Marx’s contributions to these issues. It also offers a clear understanding of how class communities and the capitalist system tie into society.

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The organization of these links follows George Ritzer's Classical Sociological Theory.