Che GuevaraKarl Marx

Democractic Socialists of America

This link is the homepage of the Democratic Socialists of America. As one of the largest Socialist organizations in the U.S., this link provides information on their progressive movement towards social change and their visions for the future. Within this website, you can also find out about DSA’s politics, structure and program.

Che's Defense of Socialism

This site provides links to the life of Che Guevara, Karl Marx, The Cuban Revolution, and "Links to the Left." More specifically, the link to "The Defense of Socialism" speaks of the changes that would transpire within society if the human factor, social consciousness, constituted the nation in place of the capitalist class.

The Freedom Socialist Party (FSP)

This revolutionary, socialist feminist organization seeks the replacement of capitalism by  genuine workers' democracy. Index keys to class, feminism, imperialism, people of color, sexual minorities, socialism, and other World Wide Web sites are included.

World Socialist Movement

An effort of socialists around the world, this website offers an introduction to what socialism means, a socialist analysis of economics, politics [*capitalism*], and the environment; quotes from socialists and non-socialists around the world, and a link to companion parties' websites and their contact information.

Socialist Appeal

This link provides information on the Socialist Appeal organization. Socialist Appeal is a movement that supports drastic changes in our Labor system. This organization claims that they are for the interests of the people and propose several radical changes to improve the conditions of the working class.

New Socialists

New Socialists is an organization that is composed of individual members of different democratic Socialist groups. The New Socialists goal is to re-examine what Socialism mean in today’s world. They intend to develop a new Socialist theory dealing with the globalization of the world economy. This link outlines their beliefs and strategies.

The Socialist Labor Party of America

This site provides information on the socialist movement. There are facts about the SLP--its history, organizations, programs, a broad definition of what socialism is and what it is about, a publication of the socialist party's very own journa--The People, the life history of Daniel De Leon, and Marxist-De Leonist literature that is online. If one is a socialist, this is the website to look at. It is jammed packed with information.

Socialist Party USA Home Page

This site is a general socialist site and does not focus on one arena. The pages are devoted to describing the socialist parties and what they stand for. A link on the page, is especially informative and complete. There is also a link to literature of this party and addresses to contact members for more information.

Démocratie socialiste (France)

A French website that promtes socialism (tenets and links of interest). This website is in French.

The Young Communist League U.S.A

The Young Communist League U.S.A is a multi-racial, national youth organization struggling to defend the community and change the system. They argue that the capitalist system offers no lasting solutions to the deep problems young people face today like drugs, violence, racism, poverty and ignorance. They want a better society and real democracy for all the people.

IUSY: International Union for Socialist Youth

IUSY is a union and international link of social democratic and socialist youth organizations all over the world. Most of the IUSY members are youth organizations within members of the Socialist International, and IUSY and the SI share similar goals and views. So the IUSY can be seen to be the "youth organization of the SI".

Socialist Future

This is the website of the Socialist Future, a socialist group based in Britain. The Movement for a Socialist Future brings together all those who support the plan to launch a new Party in 1999 to take away the power and privileges of the minority who control our lives.

The Communist Party of Australia

This site offers a large description of politics in Australia. Along with a detailed description of their leftist, socialist beliefs, they provide information about the Australian Labor Party, the Liberal – National Party Coalition, the Australian Democrats and the Greens. The goal of the Communist Party of Australia is to have "a society in which Aboriginal people, women and migrants are treated equally." This site also provides information about Australia’s economy, job situation, and their working class.

European Socialist Party

This site gives information about the European Socialist party. It has some current events analyses and information as to what is happening in the party. It also gives a list of membership and some of the personalities of the party. This is a good site to check out the socialist movement in Europe.

Socialist Action

Socialist Action stands for workers' democracy and socialism, for human needs, not profits--for the full liberation of the workers and oppressed peoples everywhere. It is a multiracial political party of workers, students, youth, feminists, and human rights activists committed to the interests of the working class.

Socialist Party of Canada

This website includes the object and declaration of principles, as well as publications and buttons for sale. The goal is to provide educational material and forums so the reader may better understand capitalism and socialism. Its states, "One people, One world."

World Revolution: why you should join?

This website explains the ideology and theory behing world revolution. It gives basic information about their values, principles, and philosophy. It also gives start-up information about financing and communicating among those who join.

Worker-Communist Party of Iran

This is an English speaking version of the organization of social revolution of the working class in Iran. This party has a Marxist ideology. They speak of revolution and the abolishment of capitalism. As well as, a new society being formed. This society is Communism and equality for all.

The Computer Clash Unit

The Computer Clash Unit (CCU ) is a part of 'Progressive Network' and 'Blissett International'. The main goal of CCU is to enable progressive/leftist/anarchist/... groups and movements to build and maintain web space to spread their ideas, opinions and experiences. CCU believes that Internet opens a whole new world for the distribution of information, propaganda and action news, which is indeed a need to assure the grow of the revolutionary spirit and thoughts. For that reason CCU sees it as its duty to support groups and movements who have trouble with developing or maintaining home pages.

International Socialist Organization

To achieve socialism, the most militant workers must be organized into a revolutionary socialist party to provide political leadership and organization. The activities of the ISO are directed at taking the initial steps to building such a party. This web site offers a catalog of information about socialism and its advantages. They also offer subscriptions to journals through the organization. A Socialist Summer School is also offered.

This web site is dedicated to providing information about the democratic socialist movement on the internet. Here you can find your way to the people, thoughts, and events that make up a part of the quest for economic democracy and social justice. It also offers a subscription to the online publication Socialist - covering politics and culture, past and present, from a "new socialist" perspective. Additionally it offers a link to SocNet - a discussion list linking socialists together around the world.

News & Letters

This is the web site for the leftist magazine, News & Letters. It was founded in 1955, "the year of the Detroit wildcat strikes against Automation and the Montgomery Bus Boycott against segregation." News & Letters’ Constitution states, "It is our aim… to promote the firmest unity among workers, Blacks and other minorities, women, youth and those intellectuals who have broken with the ruling bureaucracy of both capital and labor." They oppose all aspects of capitalism.

Queer Notions

This site contains articles written by "revolutionary" homosexuals in California. The goal of Queer Notions "is to develop a greater understanding of the relationship of sexuality to the creative transformation of society on human grounds." Queer Notions define themselves as "queers, activists, and theorists, feminists, civil-rights fighters, environmentalists, pro-labor unionists, and Marxist-Humanist philosophers."


Reality is a collection of online communist polemical material. It aims to address the fundamental questions of how to reconstruct a credible communist politics in the current era. We devote particular attention to what a socialist economy should be like in the age of information technology, what political institutions can ensure that the masses control state power, and the defense of the Marxian labor theory of value and exploitation as the kernel to the communist world outlook. This site is for the reader who would like to captivate a clear idea on the meaning of Socialism. It describes what the socialist economy should be like in relation to technology. A large number of links are offered in this site including links to many Communist organizations, including ones around the world. 

In Defence of Marxism

This page offers a variety of links to articles in defense of Marxism. The pages defend Marxist ideas and their validity for today’s labor movement. The articles are printed from WellRed Publications or from the Socialist Appeal. - Pill12

This page talks about Marx’s notion of "capital in general". It looks at the general nature of Marx’s concepts. It defines the concept of capital in itself.

This website concentrates on the socialist party. The statement you notice right away in big and bold letters is "Let's work together---for a change!" A brief definition of the movement "Solidarity." There are also papers in response to several present day ideas and happenings, which include bombings in Kosovo, the black radical congress and women in rising. Overall, this website is a real revelation when it comes to the way our government is being run today.

This web site offers an overview of socialism and communism. It expresses the need for socialism, including the need for equality. Included in this web site are links that produce several articles about the negative impacts of capitalism.

The New Union Party

The New Union Party shares with all Socialist organizations a theoretical foundation in the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich
Engels. Our specific ideological roots lie in the revolutionary labor movement of the United States of approximately 1890 to
1914, as expounded by the editor of the Socialist Labor Party's periodicals, Daniel DeLeon. Although we advocate political
and social revolution, we are committed to lawful activities to overthrow the capitalist economic system. We publish our
monthly newsletter, The New Unionist, from our headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Workers Solidarity Network

The Workers Solidarity Network is a diverse network of labour and community activists from across North
America who are united by the strong desire to engage in sustained, international labour solidarity.  This site explains what the workers solidarity network is and its beliefs.

This web site defines a variety of terms associated with the free market. It also contains information on progressivism
as an urban phenomenon. 

UnaBomber Manifesto

This site includes the UnaBomber's Manifesto on the destructive role of the industrial revolution.

Revolution and The Left

This site contains links to some good resources on the topics of communism, Marxism, and revolution.

This web site provides a short summary Karl Marx’s life. It describes the people who influenced him, some of his major contributions, includes links to many of his favorite works, and ends with Engels' eulogy.