English 698


English 698: Directed Study
Dr. Jolanta Wawrzycka

CHBS Building 4117. E-mail: jolanta@radford.edu

Graduate students have taken DS Course with me as:

  1. BulletReadings in James Joyce.

  2. BulletTeaching James Joyce: Digital Portfolio.

  3. BulletStudies in Irish Literature.

  4. BulletW. B. Yeats and Irish Revival.

  5. BulletNobel Prize Literature.

  6. BulletReadings in Aesthetic Criticism.

Some have earned 3-6 credit hours by participating in a Study Abroad Program, "European Literary Trails," that travels to Ireland and Italy.

General description of “Readings in James Joyce” courses: 
In the past, students who signed up for 3 credit hours of  "Directed Study: Readings in
Joyce," committed themselves to do just that: to read Joyce's works and criticism independently from a regular class work. As they went along, they prepared a reading log: thoughts, observations, discoveries, questions, conclusions they reached, new  things they learned; in other words, they logged on the results of all of the thinking that Joyce's texts prompted. We would meet in my office and discuss the reading logs as well as brainstorm final projects for the course. Term papers or projects would vary, depending on student's interests and scope of reading.
Joyce's primary works include  Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and Ulysses (the prerequisite for studying Ulysses is familiarity with Homer, especially The Odyssey).  I also recommend selections from Joyce's Critical Writings. In addition, I make recommendations about the criticism by Joycean scholars (books and periodicals), depending on student's individual interests.

My James Joyce webpages: 

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