Dr. Steele's

Research Lab

Dr. Steele is currently in the process of collaborating with several graduate and undergraduate students on two research projects. Below is a basic description of the projects. If you are interested in gaining research experience and are available during project meeting times, please email Dr. Steele at jcsteele@radford.edu and let her know in which project you are interested. The Psychology department highly encourages students interested in gaining a graduate-level degree in Psychology to develop, conduct, and present psychological research.


Investigator(s): Jenessa Steele, PhD

Student(s): Scott Koval, B.S., Mary Jon Barrineau, B. S., Kelsey Fuller, Chad Miller, Samantha Plybon (honors) and Sarah Waldrop (honors)

Research Topic: Daily relations among sleep, affect, physical and social activity among younger and older adults: A validation study for the use of hand-held computers.

Timeline: We will be collecting data from younger and older adults throughout Fall 2007 and Spring 2008. We anticipate the younger adult sample to be completed by the end of Fall 2007.

Lab Meeting Time: TBA