Social Pychology (Psyc 343) Spring 2006

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            Course Syllabus (pdf)

            Grades - (updated 5/02/06)

            Even Analysis Paper (pdf)

            Norman Triplett Study - Social Facilitation Effect

            Chapter 1 - History, Themes, & Methods Outline

            Chapter 2 - Impression Formation Outline - Part I

            Chapter 2 - Impression Formation Outline - Part II

            Festinger & Carlsmith - The Cognitive Consequences of Forced Compliance

            Question Guide to Festinger & Carlsmith Article

            Exam I Study Guide (pdf)

            Chapter 5 - Attitudes and Attitude Change (pdf)

            Homers Attitudes Toward Beer (pdf)

            Short Paper Snippets (pdf)

            Norm Violation Examples (pdf)

            Norm Violation Activity

            Milgram Obedience Study (pdf)

            Question Guide to Milgram Article (pdf)

            Conformity, Compliance, & Obedience Outline - Part I (pdf)

            Conformity Compliance & Obedience Outline - Part II (pdf)

            The Third Wave (article we talked about in class) pdf

            Exam II Study Guide (pdf)

            Social Cognition Outline (pdf)

            Prejudice Outline (pdf)

            Attraction Outline (pdf)

            Final Exam Study Guide (pdf)

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