Social Psychology (Psyc 343) Spring 2005

Course Syllabus (pdf)

Final Grades (updated 5/04/05)

Event Analysis Paper Guide (pdf)

Norm Triplett's Social Facilitation Study

Chapter 1 Lecture Outline: Social Psyc History and Methods (pdf)

Chapter 2 Lecture Outline: Impression Formation (pdf)

Article 1: Leon Festinger : Consequences of Forced Compliance (pdf)

Social Psychology Short Paper Snippets (pdf)

Exam I Study Guide (pdf)

 Chapter 5: Lecture Outline: Attitudes & Attitude Change (pdf)

Interactive Homer's Attitudes Toward Beer (power point)

Norm Violation Extra Credit Assignment

Norm Violation Examples (pdf)

Milgram Obedience Study (pdf)

Chapter 7: Lecture Outline: Conformity, Compliance, & Obedience (pdf)

Snyder's Self Fulfilling Stereotypes Article (pdf)

Chapter 3: Social Cognition (pdf)

Exam II Study Guide (pdf)

Chapter 6: Prejudice (pdf)

Chapter 8: Attraction (pdf)

Final Exam Study Guide (pdf)


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