Social Psychology (Psyc 343, sec 01) Spring 2003

        Revised Lecture and Reading Outline (pdf)

           Course Syllabus Spring 2003 (pdf file/ adobe acrobat reader format)   (Download Free Acrobat Reader)

            Ch. 4 Article (Read for Class, Monday, 2/6/03)

            Exam I Study Guide (small pdf file)

            Exam II Study Guide (small pdf file)

            Final Exam Study Guide (small pdf file)

           Short paper Snippets  (small pdf file)

            Norm Violation Activity

           Examples of Norm Violations

            The Milgram Obedience Study (pdf file)

           Event Analysis Paper Guide (word file)

            Self Fulfilling Stereotypes Article (pdf file) For Friday 3/21/03

            Schemas and Stereotypes handout (pdf file) distributed in class 3/21/03

            Sandra Bem's Gender Schema Article (pdf) For Friday 4/4/03 (this file is rather large, I would suggest using a campus computer to down load it, unless you have a high speed connection at home, i.e., not a phone modem)

            Gender Handout (pdf) distributed in class 4/4/03

            Prejudice Handout (pdf) will be covered in class 4/12/03

            Attraction Handout (pdf) distributed in class 4/17/03

            Attachment Theory Handout (pdf) distributed in class 4/23/03


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