Psychology of Diversity (Psyc 250) Fall 2005

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Final Exam Study Guide

Course Syllabus (pdf)

Course Grades (pdf) Updated 12/16/05

Optional Book Review Assignment - If you want a chance to improve your grade, but cant go to DC you can do this book review.

Optional Holocaust Museum Assignment

        Supplemental Chapters:       Ch 6   Ch 11

Alternate Reading for Paris is Burning  -- If you don't want to watch the movie, you can read this instead.

Readings for the Curious:    

What is post modernism (offers a nice general overview of the perspective)

What is Multiculturalism (offers a very global view of the applications and criticisms of the multicultural perspective)

Emic vs. Etic Lecture Outline

More Readings for the Curious on RACE      

 Does Race Exist?

 Are racial categories illogical?    

The Racial Privacy Initiative (Callifornia 2003) - Should Racial Classifications be Illegal.

        Counterpoint - opponents of the RPI

Race vs. Ethnicity & Culture Lecture Outline

            Race & Hurricane Katrina Videos

                    Kanye - "George Bush Hates Black People"

                    A debate about the race card - Notice the ad hominem attacks

                    Wolf Blitzer - does this reflect implicit attitudes about race?

Exam I Study Guide

Stereotyping Lecture Outline

Class Data for Illusory Correlation Demonstration

Short Paper snippets

Prejudice Lecture Outline

Bem Sex Role Inventory Revised

Readings for The Curious on Gender

                Sandra Bem - Androcentrism

                    Schacht & Atcheson - Heterosexual Instrumentalism

Gender Lecture Outline

Sexual Orientation Lecture Overheads

Sexual Orientation Extended Lecture Outline

Exam II Study Guide

Final Exam Study Guide

African American Psychology - Lecture Outline        Overheads

Readings for the Curious on African American Psychology:

                - Three Schools of Black Psychology

Reading for the Curious on Latino/a-Hispano/a-Chicano/a Psychology

                - Psychotherapy with Latino Children

                - From a special issue of the APA Monitor - Access to Mental Health for Mexican Americans

                                                                                    The National Latino/a Psychological Association

                                                                                    Academic Role models for Hispanic students

                                                                                    Hispanic Psychologist in Positions of Leadership           

Readings for the Curious on Asian/Pacific Islander American Psychology

                - Chin & Chan - Racist Love Essay

                - Asian American Psychology - A critical introduction

                - Who is Asian American

                - Transgenerational Impact of Japanese Internment

Readings for the Curious on American Indian (Native American) Psychology

                - Diversity in American Indian Beliefs and Practices               

For the Completely Curious - Something on Terror Management Theory - The Politics of Mortality


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