Psychology of Diversity (Psyc 250) Fall 2004

Course Syllabus Fall 2004 (pdf file/ adobe acrobat reader format)   (Download Free Acrobat Reader)

Current Grades (updated 12/18/04) 

Emic vs Etic Approaches Overhead (pdf file)

Race vs. Ethnicity & Culture Overhead (pdf file)

Stereotyping Overhead (pdf file)   Stereotyping Part II Overhead (pdf file)

Exam I Study Guide (pdf file)

Optional Book Review Guide (pdf file)

Short Paper Snippets (pdf file)

Prejudice Overhead (pdf file)

Old Fashioned vs. Modern Prejudice and Anti Fat Attitudes Measures (pdf file)

Gender Article 1: MTV Commercials & Gender Stereotypes (pdf)

Paris Is Burning Alternate Assignment Article (pdf)

Gender Overheads (pdf)

Exam II Study Guide

African American Psychology Article: Introductory Comments

African American Psychology Overheads


Asian American Psychology Overheads (Complete Set)

Racist Love by Frank Chin & Jeffery Paul Chan (word document)  (Retrieved from:

Final Exam Study Guide

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