Psychology of Diversity (Psyc 250) Fall 2003

            Revised Reading & Lecture outline (pdf)

            Final Grades as of 12/18/03 out of 441 possible points (pdf) Ignore the Current Grades column of the table (that is garbage). Your final grade is reflected in the Final Grades column

            Course Syllabus Fall  2003 (pdf file/ adobe acrobat reader format)   (Download Free Acrobat Reader)

            Book Review Guide (pdf)

            Short Paper Snippets (pdf)

            Emics and Etics Handout (pdf)

            Exam I Study Guide

            Gender Article: The MTV Study (pdf)

            Gender Lecture Handout (pdf)

            Exam II Study Guide

            Asian American Psychology Guide (pdf) Print this for class on Tue 12/9/03

            Final Exam Study Guide

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