Graduate Social Psychology (Psyc 623) 

            Course Syllabus (pdf format)          

            Persuasion Articles : [the sleeper effect] [attitude strength]  [aging and attitudes 1] [aging and attitudes 2]

            Attribution Articles : [correspondence bias] [self-serving bias] [metaphors in motivation]

            Dissonance Articles : [induced compliance] [Heider 1949]

            Obedience : [Milgram]

            Stereotypes and Prejudice: [psychology and prejudice]  [stereotypes and law]

                                                      [homegrown stereotypes] [stereotypes and power]

                                                      [stereotype change]

            Terror Management : [TM & Disgust]  [TM & Attachment]  [TM & Stereotyping]

                                             [TM & Group Membership] [TM & Spreading Activation]

            Social Loafing (Janea's Picks): [The Triplet Study]  [Individual Differences]

                                                            [Motivation]  [Self-Efficacy]  [History]

            Individualism Collectivism (Hang's Picks): [Triandis 88] [collectivism in the US]

                                                                            [Conformity & Culture]  [measurement]

            Possitive Illusions (Marietta's Picks): [Block & Colvin, Review] [Taylor & Brown, Review]

                                                                    [Block & Colvin, Reply] [Positive Illusions and Health]

                                                                    [Depressive Realism]

            Jane's Aggression Article : [Click Me]

            Kristen's Picks of the Weeks (Emotional Expressions) : [Ekman 1993] [Russell 1994]

                                                                                                [Carroll n Russell] [Brain stuff]

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