Graduate Research Methods (Psyc 611) Spring 2007

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            Course Syllabus (pdf)

            Final Grades (updated 5.06/07)

               Writing Guides

                Psych Info FAQ Sheet (pdf file)  - This has been substantively revised

APA Sample Paper (pdf file)

                    Quick Guide to the APA Publication Manual Vol 5 (pdf file)

                    How to Write an Introduction for an APA Paper (pdf file)

                    How to Write the Methods, Results, and Discussion for an APA Paper (pdf file)


Homework 1 - PsycInfo - Due Thurs Jan 18th

Homework 2 - Stats Review - Due Thurs Feb 1st

Homework 3 - Ethics Certification - Due Tues Feb 13th

Log onto this site and complete the ethics quiz and turn in the completion certificate to me (it may take you an hour  or so).

Homework 4 - Reliability - Due Tues March 20th.

            Reliability Homework Answers

Homework 5 - Power - Due Thurs April 26th,

            Course Handouts

Stats Review Guide

Stats Review Power Point Slides

Nuremburg Code (word document)

Belmont Report (word document)

Laud Humphreys - Tearoom Trade - Link to a brief description of the study and controversy

Reliability Power Point Slides (Part I)

Reliability: Example I did on the board

Excel Reliability Examples - Section 01 (updated 3/9/07)

Excel Reliability Examples - Section 02 (updated 3/9/07)

KR20 - KR21 examples

Validity Power Point Slides


                    Gergen - Social Psyc as History - Read for Thurs Feb 1st

                    Riger - Epistemological Debates, Feminist Voices - Read for Thurs Feb 1st

                    Platt (1964) - Strong Inference - Read for Tues Feb 6th

                    Weaknesses of Strong Inference - This is just for fun - if you are interested (possibly even a bonus)

                    Robinson, Shaver, & Wrightsman 1991 - Read this in conjunction with chapter 5 - focus on page 6 on.

                   Messic 1995 - Also read this in conjunction with chapter 5 - we won't really spend to much time on this in class, I just wanted to use it to reinforce the text and lecture.

                    Cohen (1992) A Power Primer (we will cover this later in the semester)

                    Prentice & Miller (1992) When Small Effects are Impressive (This also comes much later)

                    Cowles & Davis (1982) The origins of .05 - This is just for fun - if you are interested (Bonus?)


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