Graduate Research Methods (Psyc 611) Spring 2006

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            Course Syllabus (pdf)

            Grades (updated 5/6/06)

               Writing Guides

                Psych Info FAQ Sheet (pdf file) 

APA Sample Paper (pdf file)

                    Quick Guide to the APA Publication Manual Vol 5 (pdf file)

                    How to Write an Introduction for an APA Paper (pdf file)

                    How to Write the Methods, Results, and Discussion for an APA Paper (pdf file)


Homework 1 - PsycInfo

Homework 2 - Reliability (pdf)

Homework 3 - Power (pdf)  - updated - use "print with comments" option to see markup on printouts

            Course Handouts

Stats Review Guide

Philosophy of Science

Nuremburg Code (word document)

Belmont Report (word document)

Test Retest Example (EXCEL)

Test Retest Hand Calculations Example (pdf)

Reliability Handout (pdf)

KR21 & KR20 Example (EXCEL)

Variance Example (Excel)

Split Half Reliability Example (Excel)

Cohen's Kappa Example (Excel) not required, just for those of you you who are curious

Measurement Validity Lecture Outline (pdf)

Self Report Measurement Lecture Outline (pdf)

Power Handout (pdf) - updated

Power Handout 2 (pdf) - updated

Threats to Internal Validity (pdf)


                    Gergen - Social Psyc as History

                    Riger - Epistemological Debates, Feminist Voices

                    Platt (1964) - Strong Inference

                    Weaknesses of Strong Inference

                    Cohen (1992) A Power Primer

                    Prentice & Miller (1992) When Small Effects are Impressive


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