Research in Psychology (Psyc 202  Sec 02: M, W: 10-11)

        Final Grades (updated  5/12)

        Course Syllabus (pdf format)              

        Study I (Group Project) Guide (pdf)

                Study I Articles: (TMT 1) (TMT 2) (Disgust Sensitivity was distributed in class)

                Study I Measures: [Consent Form: you need 2 per subject, so print 20]

[Demographics Part I: there 2 forms per page so only print 5 and cut them in 1/2 so you have 10]

                                        [Attachment Measures Part II and Part III: print 10 of these]

[Salience Writing Directions Part IV: TV, Death, and Pain are all contained in this three page document, print 3 copies of the whole thing and 1 copy of just the remaining paragraph that you need to have 10 total]

                                        [Word Find Part V: print 10 of these]

                                        [Disgust Sensitivity Part VI: print 10 of these]

                                        [Video Rating Form Part VII: print 10 of these]

[Debriefing Form: there are 2 forms per page so only print 5 and cut them in 1/2 so you have 10]

                    Study I Data file       

                    Study I Master Data file

                    Study I Data Analysis Guide

        Study II Project Guide        Adult Attachment Measure Article (Hazan & Shaver, 1987)

                    Study II Data Analysis Guide

        Psych Info (available to RU faculty, students and staff only)

        Psych Info FAQ Sheet (pdf file) 

        Inter Library Loan (a link to the ILLIAD web page)

        Sample APA Paper

        APA Short Guide

        SPSS Guide

        SPSS t-test Guide

        SPSS One-Way ANOVA Guide

        SPSS Factorial ANOVA Guide

        Article Summary & Critique Guide

        Guide to writing the Introduction

        Guide to writing the Methods, Results, and Discussion/Conclusions Section

        Homework 1 Psych Info due 1/19 (Monday)

        Homework 2 Stats Review due 1/21 (Wed)

        Homework 3 Z tests and Single Sample t-tests due 2/16 (Monday)

        Homework 4 Independent Sample and Difference Sample t Test  (Due 3/10: Wed)  Note the some of the symbols may be missing, they are the X bars (group sample mean symbols).

        Homework 5 Anova Homework (Due 4/12/04)

        Correlations Example with our Spew Data

        Homework 6 Factorial Anova (Due 4/28/04)

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