Research in Pychology (Psyc 201) Spring 2005

           Course Syllabus (pdf)

            Section 04 lecture and Reading Outline (pdf)

            Revised Lecture & Reading Outline (pdf)

            Current Grades (updated 5/5/05)

            Psych Info FAQ Sheet (pdf file) 

            Intro to SPSS11.0 (pdf file)

            Guide to Using Chi-Square (pdf file)

            Guide to Using Pearson's r (pdf file)

            Beer_n_grades Correlation Example (pdf file)

  Interactive Correlation Calculator  (excel file) you can enter data and see how it changes the correlation coefficient and the scattergram.

             Writing Guides

                APA Sample Paper (pdf file)

                    Quick Guide to the APA Publication Manual Vol 5 (pdf file)

                    How to Write an Introduction for an APA Paper (pdf file)

                    How to Write the Methods, Results, and Discussion for an APA Paper (pdf file)

                    Article Summary & Critique Guide (pdf file)


                    Homework 1 (Due Thurs 1/20)

                    Homework 2 (Due Thurs 2/10)  (Answers)

                    Homework 3 (Not assigned yet, but you can do it any time; Ethics Certification for Human Subjects research)

                    Homework 4 (Due Tues 3/8/05)

                    Homowork 5 (Due Thurs 4/21/05) it is labeled homework 6, but it is actually our 5th.

                    Homework 6 (Due Thursday 4/28/05)

            Study I

                    Observation Study & Report Guide (pdf file)

                   Helping Behavior Articles:    Eagly - Explaining Sex Differences in Social Behavior

                                                                Eagly - Gender and Helping Behavior

                                                                Bickman - Sex and helping behavior

                                                                Long - Effects of Gender and Dress on Helping Behavior   

                                                                Siem - Gender-related Traits and Helping Behavior

                                                                Harris - Altruism and Sex Roles       

                    Data Collection Protocol (pdf)

                    Data Entry Guide (pdf)

                    Helping Behavior Final Data File (pdf)

                    Data Analysis Guide (pdf)

            Study II

                    Survey Study & Report Guide (Forthcoming)


                            Disgust:  Haidt, McCaully, & Rozin 1994     Rozin, Haidt, & McCaulty 1999

            Lecture Outlines

                Psychology & Science (pdf)

                    Observational Methods (pdf)

                    Self Report Measures (pdf)

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