Research in Pychology (Psyc 201) Fall 2005

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            Course Syllabus (pdf)

            Revised Reading, Lecture, and Lab Outline

            Current Grades (Updated 12/16/05)

            Exam I Study Guide

            Psych Info FAQ Sheet (pdf file) 

            Intro to SPSS11.0 (pdf file)

            SPSS Chi-Square Guide (pdf file)

            Guide to Using Chi Square (pdf file)

            Exam II Study Guide (pdf file)

            Guide to Measures of Central Tendency & Variability

            Guide to Correlation

            Final Exam Study Guide (pdf)

               Writing Guides

                APA Sample Paper (pdf file)

                    Quick Guide to the APA Publication Manual Vol 5 (pdf file)

                    How to Write an Introduction for an APA Paper (pdf file)

                    How to Write the Methods, Results, and Discussion for an APA Paper (pdf file)

                    Article Summary & Critique Guide (pdf file)


                Homework 1 - PsycInfo Assignment (Due Wed 8/31)

                    Homework 2 - Summation Notation (Due Mon 9/19)  (Answers)

                    Homework 3 - Chi Square (due Mon 10/19) (Answers)

                    Homework 4 - Ethics Certification Quiz (Due Nov 2nd) - Turn in a copy of the certificate of completion

                    Homework 5 - Measures of central tendency and variability (Due Monday Dec 5th)

                    Homework 6 - Correlation (Due Wed Dec 7th)

            Study I    

                 Study 1 - Observational Study Guide

                     Articles - Cell Phones & Gender    Why are Cell Phone Anoying  Cell Phones & Loneliness

                                     Cell Phones & Negative Health Behaviors      Predictors of Problem Cell Phone Use

                     Experiment Protocol / Data collection guide

                     Observational Study Description and Debriefing Form (2 on a page, just cut it in half)

                     Data entry guide

                     Data analysis guide

                    Study 1 Data

                     Cell Phone Introduction Revision Outline (pdf)

                    Interpreting and Reporting your Results

                    Data Collection Sheet as an Appendix (word document)

            Study II

                 Study II - Survey Study Guide

                 Articles -     Morality & Cigarette Smoking (Rozin, 1999)

                                     Disgust & Morality (Haidt et al., 1997)

                                     Fearfulness, Disgust, & Religious Obsession (Olatunzi et al., 2004)

                                     Moral Emotions & Moral Codes (Rozin et al., 1999)

                                    Disgust Sensitivity Measure (Haidt, McCauly, & Rozin, 1994)

                Survey Study Research Protocol

                                Survey Measures -    Consent & Debriefing Forms (word)-

                                                                    you need 2 consent forms and 1 debriefing form for each participant  

                                                                    Demographic Questionnaire (pdf- 2 per page) - 1 per participant

                                                                     Disgust Measure (pdf) - 1 per participant

                                                                    Morality Measure (pdf) - 1 per participant

                                                                    New Morality Measure (pdf) - 1 per participant

                Data Entry Guide (pdf)

                Data Analysis Guide (pdf)

                Data file

            Lecture Outlines

Psychology & Science

Observational Methods Lecture Outline (pdf file)

Self-Report Measures Lecture Outline (pdf file)


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