Research in Psychology (Psyc 201) Fall 2004

Course Syllabus Fall 2004 (pdf file/ adobe acrobat reader format) (Download Free Acrobat Reader)

Current Grades (Revised 12/18/04)

Psych Info FAQ Sheet (pdf file) 

Homework I - Due Wed. Sept, 1

Intro to SPSS11.0 (pdf file)

Observation Study & Report Guide (pdf file)

            Helping Behavior Articles:    Eagly - Explaining Sex Differences in Social Behavior

                                                        Eagly - Gender and Helping Behavior

                                                        Bickman - Sex and helping behavior

                                                        Long - Effects of Gender and Dress on Helping Behavior   

                                                        Siem - Gender-related Traits and Helping Behavior

                                                        Harris - Altruism and Sex Roles

Observational Study Protocol

Observational Study Data File Guide (pdf)

Observational Study Data Analysis Plan (pdf)

Article Summary & Critique Guide (pdf file)

APA Sample Paper (pdf file)

Quick Guide to the APA Publication Manual Vol 5 (pdf file)

How to Write an Introduction for an APA Paper (pdf file)

How to Write the Methods, Results, and Discussion for an APA Paper (pdf file)

Using Chi Square (pdf)

Hypothesis Testing Handout (pdf)

Guide to Using Chi Square (pdf)

IRB Human Subjects Certification

Survey Study & Report Guide

                     Articles - Attachment : Bartholomew & Horowitz 1991    Hazan & Shaver 1987

                                    Disgust:  Haidt, McCaully, & Rozin 1994     Rozin, Haidt, & McCaulty 1999

                                    Gender Roles: Lobel 1994        Levit 1991

                    Study Materials - Consent Forms (Two for each subject)

                                                Debriefing Forms (One for each subject, but there are two forms on each page so print half as many and cut them in half)

                                                Disgust Sensitivity Questionnaire-Haidt et al. (One each)

                                                Disgust Sensitivity-our version (One each)

                                                Bem Sex Roles Inventory (One each)

                                                Bartholomew & Horowitz Relationship Questionnaire (One each)

                                                Demographic Questionnaire (One each, but there are two forms on each page so print half as many and cut them in half)

                    Experiment Protocol (pdf)

                    Survey Study Data Entry Guide (pdf)

                    Survey Study Data Analysis Guide (pdf)

                    Disgusting Data File (spss data file)

Test Retest & Parallel Forms Reliability Examples   DATA    OUTPUT   

Note: These are spss files and usually it is best if you download them to the desktop or a specific directory or drive, by right-clicking on the hyperlink and then selecting Save Target As option of the popup menu. Then save the file to the desired location. Once the download is complete you should be able to open the saved file with no trouble (as long as you have spss on your computer).

Item Reliability (Split Half & Cronbach's Alpha) Examples     DATA     OUTPUT

Correlation Example (Chili and Distance Spewed)  DATA     OUTPUT

Correction In-class Correlation Example (pdf)

Homework # 6 (Measures of Variability) Due 10/6  (pdf)

Homework # 7 (Correlation) Due 10/6 (pdf)

Homework # 6 Answers (pdf)

Homework # 7 Answers (pdf)

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