Research in Pychology (Psyc 201 - Sec 03) Fall 2006

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            Course Syllabus (pdf)

            Current Grades

            Psych Info FAQ Sheet (pdf file) 

            Exam I Data (.sav)

            Exam II Study Guide (pdf)

            Final Exam Study Guide (pdf)

            Correlation Calculator


               Writing Guides

                APA Sample Paper (pdf file)

                    Quick Guide to the APA Publication Manual Vol 5 (pdf file)

                    How to Write an Introduction for an APA Paper (pdf file)

                    How to Write the Methods, Results, and Discussion for an APA Paper (pdf file)

                    Article Summary & Critique Guide (pdf file)


              SPSS Guides

                    Introduction to SPSS 14

                    Finding Sums - spps 14

                    Chi Square - spss 14

                    Correlation & Regression - spss 14

                    T-Tests - this is actually for SPSS 13, but it will not differ much from spss14



                    Homework I - Using PsychInfo - 10 pts    Due Mon., Sept. 4th

                    Homework 2 - Study 1 Literature Search - 10 pts Due Mon., Sept 11th

                    Homework 3 - Summation Notation - 10 pts Due Mon, Sept 18th

                    Homework 4 - Ethics Certification - 10 pts Due Wed, Sept 27th

                            Log onto this  website and complete quizzes to get your certificate. You can't collect data until you do this.

                    Homework 5 - Chi Square - 10 pts Due Monday, Oct 16th

                    Homework 6 - Measures of Central Tendency and Variability - 10 pts, Due Monday, Dec 4th

                    Homework 7 - Correlation - 10 pts, Due Wed, Dec. 6th


            Study I    

                Guide to the Observational Study and Report (pdf)

                Observational Study Data Collection Protocol (pdf)

                Description of Study (pdf)

-- The Description of Study is what you give people if they ask you what your are doing when you are collecting data. There are two on each sheet, so print 5 or so sheets and cut them in half.

Data Entry Guide (pdf)

Data Analysis Guide (pdf)

Data File

Results Table Templates


            Study II

Guide to the Survey Study and Report (pdf)

Survey Study Data Collection Protocol (pdf)

    Materials:       Consent Form (2 per person)

                          Demographics Questionnaire (there are 2 on each sheet - cut them in 1/2)




                                         Debriefing Form (there are 2 on each sheet - cut them in 1/2)

                Survey Study Data Entry Guide (pdf)

                Survey Study Data Analysis Plan (pdf)

                Survey Data (SPSS .sav)

                Articles for Methods Section

                            Buss & Perry (1992) Aggression Questionnaire

            Lecture Outlines

                    Psychology and Science   (pdf) 

                    Observational Methods (pdf)

                    Hypothesis Testing (pdf)

                    Using Chi Square (pdf)

                    Ethics (pdf)

                    Measures of Central Tendency and Variability (pdf)

                    Measures of Central Tendency and Variability Power Point Slides (pdf)

                    Correlation Handout (pdf)

                    Quick Guide to Z-tests and t-tests (pdf)

                    Survey Methods (pdf)

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