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How Do I Get Services? 

Infant & Toddler Connection of the New River Valley coordinates a variety of early intervention services.  Entitled services are provided by a local collaborative network of both public and private agencies.  These providers agree to adhere to state as well as local policies and procedures for the implementation of early intervention services.  Such providers include:                                                 

Services provided at no cost to families include;

Services subject to a schedule of charges/fees include but are not limited to;

Families cannot be denied services due to an inability to pay.

Early Intervention (Part C under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) requires that services be provided in natural environments: a natural setting where children without disabilities participate.  In Virginia, services in natural environments must be within the context of learning opportunities that occur within the daily activities and routines of a child and family.  These opportunities exist in a number of locations including;

Parents, grandparents, and/or other caregivers are encouraged to participate in service provision within these activities and routines, designed to meet the individual outcomes of the child and family.


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