Social Psychology, Fall 2002 -- Instructions for Assignment #2:

Journal Article Report:
Find an article that appeared in 2000 or later in either the Journal of Personality and Social
or the Journal of Applied Social Psychology on any one of the following topics:

social identities
social comparison
cross-cultural differences
attitude toward women

Start your paper by listing the full citation of this article, using the following format (which is the
standard format used by the American Psychological Association):

Author last name, author initials. (Year). Title. Journal, Volume (Number), Pages.

For example:
        Smith, J. Y., & Jones, H. A. (1999). Implications of self-esteem for decisions about
whether or not to turn in assignments on time. Journal of Imaginary Psychology, 14(3), 101-115.

Answer the following questions about the article:
1) What is the main question being asked in this research?
2) What led the researcher(s) to ask this question?
3) Outline, in one paragraph, the method the researchers used to try to answer this question.
4) What was their conclusion?
5) What implications do you think the findings of this study have for everyday life? Explain why
you think these findings are or are not important.

Your paper should be approximately 2 typed double-spaced pages in length.

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