New Zealand Distinguished American Scholar Dr. Hilary M. Lips
(1999 Fulbright NZ--U.S. Award Recipient)
Lectures & Locations and Presentation Dates

Auckland U. Art   
Organized By
New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women
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                                  Educational Foundation

  Auckland U. Art
       The Center for Gender Studies is pleased to provide internet access to selected aspects of Dr. Lips' New Zealand lectures. The ones that have been made available are listed below and on the web page: Major Titles and Themes. Unfortunately, the available presentations represent only a few of her major addresses. Clicking the links below the heading  Meetings & Places  on the right leads to the websites associated with the nearly all the major New Zealand University's that hosted Dr. Lips talks and presentations

Major Titles & Themes: NZ Lectures            NZ Lecture Series Locations, Dates & Hosts' Web Sties
Gender Issues:
Alcohol   Substance Abuse   Assaults
Gender Sources
Gender Wage Gap In:
the U. S. & Worldwide

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