September 2014

At the UN University for Peace

Planting a Universal Peace Marble, on behalf of Radford University Peace Professor Ann Mary Roberts, at the foot of the Gandhi statue on the campus of the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica.

Holding up the Peace Marble with Celina Garcia and Carlos.

Speaking with UPAZ graduate students and faculty about the Earth Constitution and the need to include this in their curriculum.

At the University of Costa Rica

Celina Garcia faithfully served as translator for all of these lectures.

The audience at UCR included those who saw the ads as well as the UCR Dean of Social Sciences with whom we met following the lecutre.

At National Autonomous University

Students in International Relations at UNA were very well-informed and asked excellent questions.

UNA (Universidad Nacional de Heredia) presentation


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At Fundacion CEPPA

With the Ambassador from Ecuador to Costa Rica (right) who is speaking about the Ecuador--Texaco-Chevron issue.

Universal Peace Federation compound in San Jose

Celina and I both spoke at the Universal Peace Federation meeting on Saturday, September 27, 1014.  There were a very appreciative and interested group.