Togo Photos 2, June 2006



Looking into a well is Sokode.  Like all such wells, this is a slender life-line for the families who use it.  If it should run dry, there would be disaster.




Dr. Balouki contemplates a road through an agricultural coop near Sokode.  All these trees contribute to the productivity of the farm.




Dr. Balouki introducing me at a meeting in Sokode at which I spoke about the Institute On World Problems plans for permacultural projects in Togo.




Even small villages often have their mosque and mineret.




A government office in Kara shows an old Royal manual typewriter next to a computer.   Such justapositions are common in Togo.




Here I pin our WCPA logo button on one of our prominent members and supporters in Kara.




The Kara river, that runs through Kara.  Laundry drying in the sun.  The waters of the river are dirty from the untreated sewage of the city but the poor have little choice about where to do their laundry.




A closer view of the laundry drying.




Even in Sokode, the third largest city in Togo (after Lome and Kara), people walk nearly everywhere they have to go.




Life beginning within a warm family context.



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