Togo:   Soekodi and Tchamba

Dr. Balouki's children help with lighting the charcoal and cooking dinner.

Togo mother and child

In Soekodi, we had a presentation at Dr. Balouki's school.  With me at the head table is the Regional Administrator for that area of Togo, a personal representative of the President of Togo.

Talking with a Moslem women's organization in Tchamba

The leadership for the organization sat at the table in front.

Below are some photos around the village of Tchamba, not far from the Benin border. 
It was very hot.

Dr. Balouki offers advice about pounding yams.

A scene from the village.

With wonderful hospitality, they served Dr. Balouki and I cokes and lunch under one of the precious shade trees.

The head of the women's organization drives her own motorcycle.

The village mosque

Perhaps he is digging a latrine.  A powerful young man working in the hot sun.

A machine for processing locally grown food.

The border with Benin not far from Tchamba.

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