Togo Photos 1, June 2006



A typical village on the main road running north from Lome in the south.



Even small villages often have their own mosque and minaret.



Bundles of wood for sale at the roadside.  Different villages on the road north often have a different primary product that they sell on the roadside.  Wood or charcoal, of course, is used for cooking by nearly everyone.



Crossing the mountain on the way to Kara in the north.



A teacher's college in Kara was recently converted to the University of Kara.  The Institute On World Problems and the Institute for Economic Democracy have offered to affiliate with the University.



The campus of the University of Kara



Children at a private orphanage in Kara posing under the only tree in the yard so I could take their photo.



The Kara River taken from a bridge in the City of Kara.



I pose with some friends who have just treated me to a wonderful picnic lunch in the pavilion behind us.  This is on the agricultural coop near Sokode.



Typical country houses that populate subsistence farms all over Togo.



Here a friend shows us his crop and how he irrigates it from a local stream.



The wonderful, picturesque weekly open market in Sokode.



Early in the morning I visit a family in Sokode who live near the guest house where I was put up.  They bake bread for sale to the local community in the oven at the right.




Looking into the mouth of the oven at the cooling loaves of bread.



The cook displays the layers of unbaked bread waiting to go into the oven each morning.



Another market place in central Togo.



Children in Lome near the Airport Motel were I stayed while in Lome.




My friend Justina who works at the motel.  She is from Ghana and speaks English and is now also a member of the World Constitution and Parliament Association.



My other friend who also works at the motel and does not speak English.




Women selling wares crowd the bus whenever it stops at a town or gas station.  This is on the way south from Sokode back to Lome.




Children also crowd the bus selling wares.




At a friend's house in Sokode, we are sitting in the yard on furniture made by this gentleman who is a carpenter.  Here he shows me how he works on his lathe using a hand held knife to make table legs, etc.



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