(To call for a world under a world parliament and the rule of law, not force and chaos)



Photos listed under this "India" section include scenes from New Delhi (India, North center), Lucknow (see next map), Calcutta (or Kolkata: East, near Bangladesh), Ahmedabad (West, across India from Calcutta), Mumbai (or Bombay: south of Amedabad and the West coast), and Mahalapurum (on the Sourtheast coast slightly south of Bangalore and not shown on this map)



Lucknow is near the center of the map, southeast from New Delhi and not far from the border of Nepal (brownish color on this map)



Gompti Nagar Campus where the Meet was held.  The City Montessori School of Lucknow is the world's largest Montessori school with 25,000 students on 17 campuses in Lucknow, India.   It's founder-manager, Shri Jagdish Gandhi, is one of the great peace leaders in today's world.   Shri Gandhi has sponsored four International Conferences of Chief Justices of the World to date.



Dr. Jagdish Gandhi (front row center), Puan Sri Datin Seri N. Saraswathy Devi (front third from left), Zaklina Dimovska (front right), Professor R. Ananthanarayanan (3rd row left-center), Dr. Eugenia Almand (6th row left), Glen T. Martin (5th row center)





Chief Justices from around the world assembled here called for a World Parliament and the genuine rule of law in world affairs.   I was one of the invited speakers at the conference.   The short fellow with the hat and black suit on the right is the former Supreme Court Justice of Pakistan.  Given the on-going India-Pakistan conflict, his presence (in the service of world law and world peace) caused quite a stir in the Indian press.



After the Chief Justices conference we held a global strategy meeting of the World Constitution and Parliament Association for which I served as Chairperson.   Each representative was given a flag from his or her country and a mike.   This is a photo of that meeting.



Here are some delegates to the WCPA World Strategy Meeting from the U.S., Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.   Dr. Terence Amerasinge, President of WCPA, is at the right front.


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