Libya Photos

Part Three


In July 2004, the World Constitution and Parliament Association organized and led a delegation of leaders of U.S. NGOs to Libya

Below are 10 more photos from that trip



Here Niklan Jones-Lezema is being interviewed.  Nik is communications officer for the Institute On World Problems in Virginia.



Several times to honor our delegation we were given an official police escort, as here.  It certainly did make us feel important.



The Mediterranean with the buildings of Tripoli in the distance.



We were guests in some very beautiful restaurants, hotels, and reception centers such as this one.



A traditional dance group played music and did a dance-drama for the audience of RCM members and delegation members who sat on huge cushions in the hall.



Here four delegation members join in the dancing.  From the left, they are Niklan Jones-Lezema, Patricia Murphy (in the blue dress), Rob Wheeler (with the beard), and J.W. Smith (on the right).



Here we partake of another sumptuous meal while sitting on our cushions in the hall.   On the left is Sarwar Alam from Bangladesh and Canada, who co-led the delegation on behalf of WCPA.



In the delegation seminar using the excellent simultaneous translation provided by the Libyans.



We met with the People's General Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Shahomi (second from right)




On the final day of our visit, I was asked to speak to the delegation and our hosts about the world situation and the work of the WCPA.



Dr. Ramadan Breki (left) invited myself and Sarwar Alam to his beautiful and tasteful home to partake of a wonderful lunch prepared by his lovely wife.



Dr. Breki and his wife are being thanked by Sarwar Alam as we leave his home and begin to prepare to return to our own countries.



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