The Harbor




The coast of Newfoundland in the North Atlantic as we fly to Libya via London



Tripoli has a large and beautiful natural harbor.  The photos below are the harbor from different angles and the boardwalk along the harbor.



A cabin cruiser crosses the harbor



A closer view of the fishing boats



A large museum across from the boardwalk along the harbor.  The museum includes the story of the Libyan revolution that is now in its 36th successful year in Libya.



On the boardwalk in front of these boats, fishermen were repairing lobster traps and fishing nets.



A panoramic view of boardwalk and harbor



Entrance way into the Al Kabir Hotel



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at Tripoli

September, 2005






The North Atlantic from 35,000 feet




A large passenger ship is docked on the left.




Beyond the fishing boats on the shore rise the buildings of Tripoli



Fishing Boats



Boardwalk and fishing boats




Along the boardwalk are restaurants and places for outdoor refreshment.  In the background is the Al Kabir (the Grand) Hotel where I stayed on each of my visits to Libya.



The Al Kabir Hotel