People and Scenes of Kolkata 1

January 2005



This man spoke English as was very helpful helping us find our way through the narrow twisted streets of this ghetto area.



Women in the same ghetto smiled brightly when I asked by gesture if I could take their photo.


Everything is done on the ground and much of it outdoors.  There is garbage and trash everywhere.



It is not that they are homeless in the western sense of this word, for their home is the streets.



This rickshaw driver might well sleep beneath his rickshaw each night, a sight which I saw plenty of times.



A huge outdoor pool around which I did my jogging each morning from my nearby location in the Hotel Shri Durga.



Across the street from the hotel was this dump that kept many people busy.  Carts, like the one being emptied here would arrive each morning and fill the dump yard.



During the day people would sort through the dump, including the families living there whose living appeared to be made from this dump.



The friendly doorman of the hotel.



The view from my fourth floor hotel window.



A railroad slum that I walked through one afternoon. These people live in shanties on both sides of the tracks.



A segment of the same slum when I returned later that evening.



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