Ghana Photos:  "Castles"



These women in the market in the seaside town of Sharma sell their wares across from the "Castle," the fort where the Europeans held slaves in dungeons for transport to slave colonies around the world.   Like most people of Ghana, they are friendly and warm to strangers, white, brown, or black.



The Castle at Sharma.   These castles were built every few kilometers along the entire coast of West Africa because the slave trade was such a huge business.  At times the Dutch would hold a castle, then the French, then the Portuguese, then the British.



The Castle at Sharma was not large.  All slaves brought to the castle were put into a windowless dungeon down this hole underground.  The only way in or out was through this trap door and hole.   The pit is pitch dark when the trap door is closed.



The central courtyard of the much larger Castle at Cape Coast.  Here there were extensive dungeons connected by stone tunnels and gates with iron bars designed to hold many slaves.



Looking down from the castle wall onto the fishing boats of the town of Cape Coast.



Looking down from the officers quarters into the female slave yard with the bars to the female dungeon on the far side of the yard.   The officers would make the female slaves go out into the yard each day and from this balcony select the ones they would have brought to their quarters that night to rape.   This practice of the Dutch, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and British is continued now by the Americans whose multinational corporations today rape the lives, resources, and lands of peoples of color worldwide.



The trap door leading to the specially made stairway to bring women and girls to the officers quarters for rape.


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