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Ghana is at the center, the airport is in the capitol, Accra, to the East.  Our seminar was a long drive along the coast road to the West to the city of Takoradi



At the June 2003 seminar of the Graduate School of World Problems in Takoradi.  From the left is Dr. Terence Amerasinghe of Sri Lanka,  Dr. Dominique Balouki of Togo,  Ms. Eugenia Almand of New York City, Chief Emanemua of Nigeria, and myself.



Some participants from the 50 or so registered for the seminar pose outside the building in the Catholic Retreat Center where the seminar was held.   On great thing about this seminar was that there were about 20 women among the 50 registrants.



Inside the meeting hall (retreat center) with some of the seminar participants.  One excellent feature of this seminar was that there were a number of women participants.



A market in downtown Takoradi.  Some of my new friends in the seminar had an African shirt hand made for me the the shop of one of their relatives near this location.



A rural village near the Ghana coast





These two young women, seminar participants, are here preparing dinner for me at the home of their uncle in Takoradi.



A women in a village with traditional dress and carrying her baby in the traditional manner.



The single entrance to the dungeon in this castle where slaves were kept in utter darkness until the slave ships arrived for them to be sold.  The single way in or out ensures that rebellion or escape can be prevented by imperial troops.  Today, facilities such as the Abu Gharab Prison and the Guantanamo torture camp are designed to serve the same functions.

We had to go to the bank to get Ghana money to pay our modest hotel bill.  We felt like drug dealers since we had to pay hundreds of thousands of Cedis.  The exchange ration with US dollars was nearly 7000 to one.  This is one of the ways the dominant imperial financial system keeps poor countries from getting out of poverty.  They create money (as any government has the right to do) for development, and the imperial financial centers devalue their money so that it only becomes more worthless.




Sunday one of our hosts (who was part of the seminar) took us to his rural home church which as this building made of bamboo poles.  There he played drums, other pastors present played other instruments, and we and the congregation sang and danced and shouted in praise of God.   It was a wonderful experience



This photo is WCPA Executive Members, Ghana Chapter as of 2006.  Most of them live in the areas of Accra and Kasoa



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