Ecuador Photos Page 2

Our train that took us through the Andes to the coast

At the station ready to roll.

Our engine being turned around by hand (four workers pushing)

Phyllis on the train with her cappuccino.

On a tour of a factory-farm that produces only roses by the hundreds of thousands.

At a Rose Plantation that sells roses worldwide: tightly controlled mass production for private profit.

The Indigenous man who still cuts ice from the glacier Chimborazo and sells it in the mountain villages.

          On the road: not quite like Jack Kerouac who wrote: "I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion"


The impressive Andes pass by as we ride the train: Volcan Chimborazo.

Rivers in the gullies

Magnificant: sheer slopes and many curves from Riobamba to Bucay. A spectacular ride.

The tracks from the caboose observation car.

Stopping for a break in one of the towns on the way.

Indigenous man and his sheep: properly entirely uninterested in our train.

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