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On the Equator of the World

My sister, Elaine, demonstrates the difficulties of walking a straight line on the equator

Quito from the city cable cars

In a restaurant overlooking the city (Phyllis left, Elaine, right)

My sister (left), who lives in Ecuador, and Theresa (right) work with a number of
indigenous communities like this one that we visited.

Indigenous Children in a village three hours drive south of Quito.

A classroom supplied by the project for students in this mountain village outside of Latacunga.

Yours truly welcomed to the village: my kingdom for one of these cool hats.

We visit the cooking shed of one indigenous family (which used to be their home).

By her cooking fire in the cooking shed.

Andes volcanos shrouded in mist

Volcan Cotopaxi

Outside an abandoned textile mill: monument made by the workers

Close up of monument.  Workers of the world must unite.

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