Chennai Beach, WCPA, Pondicherry,
and Auroville Photos

Professor Ananthanarayanan at the door of the WCPA offices.

Fishermen folding up their nets on the beach of the city of Chennai (formerly Madras)

Fishermen pulling their boat from the water.  This requires the cooperation of 6 or 8 men to accomplish.

These are some of the many children and families that live on the beach.

Jugs for fresh water that is carried in by the women for washing or cooking in the beach slum.

Across the road from the beach is the University of Madras. I was accommodated by the WCPA Chapter of South India for the week of June 3rd to June 10th, 2008.

Banner on the street announcing the WCPA Conference on June 9th at the University of Madras.

Another WCPA banner in the conference hall.

WCPA Chapter leaders meet in the dining room of the University of Madras Guest House.

Our WCPA delegation meets with Krishnaraj (to my right) in the office of World Union in Pondicherry.  On the wall is a picture of The Mother who worked with Sri Aurobindo and is a revered founder of World Union, an organization working for the unification of the world under a single government.   Professor. R. Ananthanarayanan, Director of WCPA for South India and of the Asia Office in Chennai, appears in the brown suit jacket.  

The Boardwalk along the beach at Pondicherry

A building that we toured in Auroville with solar panels on the roof.   Many meetings and other activities were going on in this busy alternative community.

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June 2008 and June 2011

Professor Ananthanarayanan in the WCPA offices, Chennai

There are many boats on the beach, some of which were used in the rescue operations when the 2005 Tsunami hit this area.

People from the slum that boarders the beach at one end sell wares along the road.

Children with their mothers living on the beach next to the road that runs along the beach.

Cleaning fish at the beach slum

University of Madras buildings from the beach.

Inside the Conference auditorium.

Across the front of the building where the Conference was held.

Doing the work of WCPA in Chennai.

A typical street in Pondicherry, a former French colony that is today charming and relatively prosperous, some 3 hours drive south of Chennai.

A building in Auroville where research is done on local, sustainable, energy efficient building materials from all over the world.  Auroville is an alternative community near Pondicherry that encompasses thousands of acres and many residents. It is world famous as a community pointing toward a sustainable future for humankind.

Our delegation was graciously guided through Auroville by Krishnaraj (third from the left in this photo). Here, the famous sacred dome of Auroville appears in the background. It is said to be a central point of cosmic energies and source of spiritual awakening for those who mediate at its center. We were not allowed to enter it since we did not have prior reservations.