Global Strategy Meeting and Celebration

in conjunction with the 12th International Conference

of Chief Justices of the World

Lucknow, India, December 9-13, 2011


[An additional report below by Kiara Windrider]


A WCPA strategy meeting and participation in the International Conference of Chief Justices of the World took place in December at the World Unity Convention Center of the City Montessori School of Lucknow. Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, founder/manager of CMS, congratulated us for our participation in this conference. WCPA also held three separate meetings during the conference on December 9, 11,

Some 25 persons from a number of countries attended, many of whom gave presentations at the Conference.  This was the first year that the call for a world parliament was unanimous among the more than 100 justices present at the Chief Justices Conference. This fact was attributed to the work of the WCPA members participating.  A great success for WCPA!


From Left Chooda Mani Kadel, President WCPA Nepal, Professor R. Ananthanarayanan, Director, WCPA Asia, Ms. Ofeliya Lutfaliyeva,  Azerbaijan Women Association, Baku, Azerbaijan, Ms.Bahar Gasimova,  Executive Director of AWA, Azerbaijan Women Association, Baku, Ms Gulbahar Mammadova, Vice- President of AWA, Azerbaijan Women Association, Baku, Prof. Dr. Minira Garayeva, President WCPA Azerbaijan, Dr. Glen T. Martin, Dr. Eugenia Almand, and Kiara Windrider, WCPA member and author Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift (2011).


Reports by Glen T. Martin and Eugenia Almand

Report on Chief Justices Conference in Lucknow, December 9-13, 2011

Glen T. Martin


(1) We made a number of contacts with justices with whom we will follow up.

(2) We are invited to Argentina by the justices to give talks on the Earth Constitution (perhaps in March).

(3) We are invited to Nepal by Chooda Kadel and the WCPA chapter there (as well as former Supreme Court Justice Shrestha) to give talks and seminars next June.

(4) In July, Eugenia Almand will be giving lectures to assemblies of CMS students about the Earth Constitution.

(5) We are exploring a venue for the next session of Parliament (possibly Croatia).

(6) Glen Martin and Eugenia Almand have been nominated to be President and Secretary General of WCPA respectively.

(7) Jurist Jamwal Bharat Singh, Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Standing Counsel, Union of India, made a powerful and inspiring commitment to join our work on behalf of the Earth Constitution.

(8) Dr. Gandhi said that this was the first year that there was a unanimous vote among the justices to affirm the Conference resolution. This may have been due to the strong WCPA presence at this conference. Glen Martin has been invited by Dr. Gandhi to speak about the Earth Constitution next year in the plenary session of the Chief Justices conference. We appear to be making a difference at these conferences.

The 12th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World had some 199 justices from 77 countries participating. Please go to

to see the list of justices from the entire 12 Chief Justices conferences.

This CMS website lists the impressive number of justices and luminaries who have attended these Chief Justices Conferences over the past 12 years. WCPA members should find the names of those from their countries and contact them about supporting the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. The justices should:

  1. Become part of WCPA and work with WCPA in their countries to promote the Earth Constitution.
  2. Become an Honorary Sponsor of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.
  3.   Become a member of the Collegium of World Judges.

A number of WCPA members and friends were also present from a variety of countries.

(Please correct us if your name is spelled wrong due to difficulties reading handwriting.) These included Swapan Alatucan, Eugenia Almand, Prof. R. Anantharayanan, Shailesh Aslhana, Peter Bently, Kshanika Bhaticharya, Chhanda Chatterjee, Dr. Santi Nath Chattopadhyay, Zaklina Dimovska, Bob Flax, Minira Garayeva, Dr. Dauji Gupta, Gulay Hiz, Chooda Mani Kadel, Sauchari Sengupta, Dr. Preeti Shankar, Shushil Shankar, Ofeliya Lutfaliyeva, Glen T. Martin, Justice A. P. Misra, Sharon Munankarmy, Sharei Shahriar, Mrs. Justice Sharada Shrestha, Jurist Jamwal Bharat Singh, Dr. Phichai Tovivich, and Kiara Windrider.

These WCPA members held three separate meetings during the time of the Chief Justices Conferences. On December 9, we held a meeting to discuss the goals of our being there and interacting with the justices: (1) to sign up notable people to be Honorary Sponsors of the Earth Constitution and (2) to sign up justices to be members of the Collegium of World Judges.

From the left, Chooda Mani Kadel, President WCPA Nepal, Zaklina Dimovska, President WCPA Macedonia, a professor and his wife from Sweden (non-WCPA), and Dr. Phichai Tovivich, Vice-President, WCPA World and President, WCPA Thailand. The young boy is grandson of Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, Founder-Manager CMS Lucknow (whose hand the boy is holding).


On December 11, we held the second WCPA meeting:

(1) to discuss the conference and our successes and difficulties,

(2) to present outstanding performance awards and honors to four WCPA leaders:

Professor Ananthanarayanan from Chennai, "Rest in the Next Award"

Dr. Chattopadhyay from Kolkata, "Creator Culture of Peace Award"

Prof. Dr. Minira Garayeva from Azerbaijan, "Service to Humanity Award"

Dr. Preeti Shankar from Lucknow, "Diplomacy and Hospitality Award"

(3) to report on our work in Latin America on WCPA work worldwide,

(4) our relation with the "Occupy Wall Street" movement,

(5) to announce the production of Earthstar Radio called "In the Shadows" and,

(6) Dr. Eugenia Almand reviewed the further development of organizational diagrams and fiscal flowcharts (q.v.).to help conceptualize how the Provisional World Parliament world legislative program works.

On December 13, we held our third WCPA meeting: to discuss

(1) our accomplishments at this Chief Justices conference,

(2) follow up with regard to this conference,

(3) coordination and reporting from WCPA members and chapters around the world,

(4) finding a President for WCPA,

(5) the Office of the World Peace Envoy,

(6) finding a venue for the next session of the Provisional World Parliament, and

(7) promoting the Constitution with respect to the "Occupy" movement.

(8) Dr. Almand shared the most recent versions of the bond and currency models. Some seriated models were assigned for promotion.

At this meeting were six members of the Executive Council of WCPA: Dr. Almand, Prof. Ananthanarayanan, Dr. Chattopadhyay, Dr. Dauji Gupta, Dr. Martin, and Dr. Phichai. There was a motion made and seconded for Dr. Glen Martin to serve as President of WCPA (World), together with a motion made and seconded for Dr. Eugenia Almand to serve as Secretary General of WCPA (World). These motions were unanimous adopted by those at the meeting. The Executive Council members present signed a letter in support of these nominations. The proposal has been emailed to the entire Executive Council who must now vote on the matter and return their votes to WCPA Vice-President, Dr. Roger Kotila at

On January 6, 2012, Dr. Kotila announced the results: 16 of 18 voted and all 16 were unanimous for the change to Glen T. Martin as President of WCPA and Eugenia Almand as Secretary General.


From left, top row, Zaklina Dimovska, President WCPA, Macedonia, Prof. R. Anantharayanan, WCPA Director for Asia and President, WCPA Tamil Nadu, Chooda Mani Kadel, President WCPA Nepal, Hon'ble Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr. Former Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Philippines (speaking with microphone), Justice A.P. Misra, former Supreme Court Justice of India and Honorary Sponsor of the Provisional World Parliament and the Earth Constitution, and Dr. Jagdish Gandhi (top row, right), Founder/Manager City Montessori School of Lucknow. In front of the speaker and Justice Misra is Justice Jamwal Bharat Singh, Advocate Supreme Court of India, WCPA member, Honorary Sponsor of the Earth Constitution, and member Collegium of World Judges.


Honorary Sponsors of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth from these meetings (not in any particular order):


World Judiciary Summit, Lucknow, India, December 9-13, 2011

Dr. Santi Nath Chattopadhyay President and Executive Director International Society for Intercultural Studies and Research (ISISAR), Kolkata, India

Nabil Sari, President, Judge, Counselor, Court de Cassoher, Beruit, Lebanon

Sharada Shrestha, Former Judge, Supreme Court, Nepal

Ali Akbar Mikrani, Former Chief Judge Appellate Court, Nepal

Mrs. Bharti Gandhi, Founder-Director, City Montessori School, Lucknow, India

Rosa Maria Acon Ng, Judge, Criminal Court of Appeals, San Jose, Costa Rica

Jurist Jamwal Bharat Singh, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Standing Counsel, Union of India

Jai Narayan Chaurasia, Advocate, High Court of Lucknow, India

Rajesh Kumar, Advocate at Allahabad High Court, Lucknow Bench, India

Vimal Kumar, Advocate at Allahabad High Court, Lucknow Bench, India

Narayan Swaroop Chaurasia, Advocate at Allahabad High Court, Lucknow Bench, India

Saresh Kumar Pandey, Practitioner in High Court as well as Civil Court at Allahbad, Lucknow, India

Ashutosh Rai Sharma, Law Practitioner in Civil and Criminal Law, Lucknow, India

Km. Vishwa Mohni, Law Practitioner in Civil and Constitutional Law at High Court, Allahabad, Lucknow, India

Zonou Dobo Martin, Magistrate, President of the Civil Appeals Court, Burkina Faso


Members and advisors for the Collegium of World Judges (not in any particular order):

New Members, Collegium of World Judges

World Judiciary Summit

Lucknow, India, December 9-13, 2011

Collegium members and Advisors

Zonou Dobo Martin, Magistrate. President of the Civil Court of Appeals, Burkina Faso


Nabil Sari, President, Judge, Counselor, Court of Appeals, Beirut, Lebanon

Mrs. Sharada Shrestha, Former Chief Justice, Appellate Court, Judge Supreme Court, Nepal

Ali Akbar Mikrani, District Judge, Registrar of the Regional Court, Chief Judge of Appeals Court of Rajbiraj, Nepal

Rosa María Acón Ng, Judge in the Criminal Court of Appeal, San Jose, Costa Rica

Jurist Jamwal Bharat Singh, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, and Standing Counsel, Union of India


From Left, Sharon L. Munankarmy, Founder/President Women's Hand and (with her husband Yogendra Mumankarmy) member WCPA Nepal, Dr. Glen T. Martin, Secretary-General, WCPA, and one of the two Justices at the Conference from Nepal: Justice Ali Akbar Mikrani, Chief Judge, Appellate Court, Nepal, Honorary Sponsor of the Earth Constitution and member Collegium of World Judges.


Report on Meeting with the Registry of World Citizens on 1 December 2011

Dr. Eugenia Almand

Some principal members of the Registry of World Citizens met with Eugenia Almand, Secretary of the Provisional World Parliament on Thursday, 1rst December 2011, at the Registry of World Citizens office in Paris, France. Among persons present were Eugenia Almand, Daniel Durand, Odile Durand, Laurent Son, Joel Luguern, Aurora (?) and Stevens P.Chellum and Katowah Mala. The primary language of the meeting was French.

The two organizations gave one another reports. Dr. Almand reviewed the many ways that the two organizations have been complementary over the years, and how the Parliament and the Peoples Congress has shared membership. Registry organizations are referred to in World Legislation of the Provisional World Parliament, particularly in WLA#4 and WLA#29.

Dr. Almand focused on four world legislative matters: world disarmament system, world monetary system, world court system and world legislative integration.

The world legislative approach to world military disarmament is a comprehensive program that integrates world judicial function and world monetary function as vital aspects of the disarmament process. The disarmament does not happen in isolation from the creation of a world supreme court system with a constitutional basis. The disarmament does not happen in isolation from the creation of a just world monetary system within constitutional world federation. Almand reported on world legislative acts of the Provisional World Parliament that address world military disarmament. She showed how the world legislation addresses all aspects of the disarmament, including the financing of the divestment process which has been elaborated in world legislation of the Provisional World Parliament.

World Legislation of the Provisional World Parliament already has substantially all the necessary provisions for an integrated and secure world monetary system. Dr. Almand explained how the monetary system is established. She showed Spanish/Esperanto-language sample of the currency sub-system and English-language samples of the labor bonds and indemnity bonds sub-systems. Almand showed several new flowcharts and organizational diagrams in French and in Esperanto.

Dr. Almand pointed out that over half of the more than 500 pages of world legislation has derived from work of the Assembly of States Parties (ASP). In particular, the ASP has been instrumental in drawing up a fairly suitable base for an integrated world judiciary system. Although flawed in terms of Court independence and mandatory jurisdiction, the legislation of the Rome Statute and related court statutes are fairly amenable to conversion from international convention law format into world parliamentary law format. This is an ongoing process since the 6th session of the Provisional World Parliament which met at Bangkok in March 2003 where it established the Commission for Legislative Review.

Dr. Almand and the Registry participants discussed a strategy in which the Peoples Congress and the Provisional World Parliament could begin to work in tandem in conformance with the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. As the Provisional World Parliament has since 1996 been comprised largely of academicians and/or legal scholars, co-opted by allegiance to the Earth Constitution and not by popular election, and since the Peoples Congress has been composed of delegates having received a certain form of measured election, it was suggested that the two organizations would be mutually strengthened by Peoples Congress accession to the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, upon which the prior Provisional World Parliament would henceforth convene as only the Provisional House of Counsellors. In this arrangement, all members of the Peoples Congress would be members of the Provisional House of Peoples. This would then constitute two provisional houses of the Earth Constitution’s tri-cameral World Parliament. Since the Assembly of States Parties has provided the bulk of the statutory code of the Provisional World Parliament, the Peoples Congress and Provisional House of Counsellors working together would be in a better position to either recruit the Secretariat of the Assembly of States Parties to work with us, or to encourage a core group of national governments to quietly take steps to integrate using the Earth Constitution.

(The Assembly of States Parties would go a long way by encouraging its members to shift to terms for its delegates, rather than operating them from ambassadorial instructions.)

A responsibility of the provisional House of Counsellors would be to officially recognize Peoples Congress organizations (conditional on accession to the Earth Constitution), and to include the Peoples Congress organizations in the parliamentary budget.

A responsibility of the Peoples Congress (as provisional House of Peoples), upon accession to the Earth Constitution, would be to consider the body of world legislation adopted by the Provisional World Parliament (Provisional House of Counsellors), (52 acts and numerous resolutions) and to adopt this officially by the Peoples Congress—either the whole of it, or according to parts, with counter legislative proposals in any cases that the Peoples Congress is not wanting to approve of any statute in its entirety.

A report of the December 1st meeting has been sent by RECIM to the members of the Peoples Congress and to ASCOP, a sort of standing committee to work on behalf of the Peoples Congress.



Report on Chief Justices Conference

Kiara Windrider

Earth Federation Movement: A Year Zero Message

January 1, 2012

In a world where 1% of humanity, composed of a financial elite, corporate interests and attendant ruling classes have become a law unto themselves, supported by the overwhelming force of military might and financial clout, what hope do we have to restore justice, peace, and true democracy to the world?

I was recently invited to participate in the 12th International Conference for Chief Justices of the World. It was convened by Dr. Jagdish Gandhi of the City Montessori School in Lucknow, India in December 2011. About 175 active and retired supreme court and high court justices from approximately 60 countries were in attendance, along with a number of peace promoters in various capacities, as part of an effort to facilitate a global climate of peace and justice for all citizens of the earth, including the poor, oppressed and underprivileged, and especially women and children (for detailed reports please go to

My own invitation to participate came following the publication of my book, ‘Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift’, a blueprint for creating the new earth based on multi-disciplinary research into evolutionary cycles of earth transformation.

During the course of the Conference I was touched and pleased to see the number of delegates who truly held a global vision of peace and justice for all, and their attempts to further these aims. The delegates came together with a conviction that the world’s judiciary may well be the last great hope for humanity in a world riddled with economic imbalance, social injustice, and war, and that in coming together as an international force there was truly an opportunity to make a difference. This extended not only to humanity but to all life on the planet. The accomplishment of the Honourable Chief Justice Mr. Hilario Davide from the Philippines, in passing legislation which accorded legal rights to the earth’s ecosystems as well as to future generations of humans - thus protecting indigenous forests from being indiscriminately harvested by lumber companies -- was a prime example of this.

We cannot thrive as a planetary culture as long as nations retain sovereign rights to invade and oppress other nations, pollute and destroy our planetary home, or put corporate profits before basic human rights such as food, clothing, shelter, health care, clean air, clean water, and a clean earth. One way to safeguard against this is through the creation of a democratically elected World Parliament, which would provide legal grounds for protecting human rights as well as earth rights as needed, with the authority to punish crimes against humanity and the earth when required.

One of the most notable accomplishments of the past few decades, highlighted during the Conference, has been this movement towards a World Parliament, World Constitution, and World Judiciary, which would directly represent the world’s people, bequeathed with the power to initiate and enforce basic human rights, peace strategies, and environmental protection in place of the incessant climate of war-making and ecological destruction which only supports and serves a few corporate interests. This international body would have the power to address crimes against humanity or against the earth, and be able to enforce a climate of peace and justice.

There have been over 20 organizations around the world working on this issue through a variety of strategies. The Earth Federation Movement, along with the Democratic World Federalists, are two organizations that were represented at the Conference to address a rapidly growing demand for enforceable peace, ecological sustainability and social justice. In direct contradiction to the aims of the New World Order imposed by the ruling classes for the benefit of the ruling classes, these organizations are committed to a world government of the people, by the people, and for the people, supporting their common dream for a world where nobody needs to go hungry, where justice is available for all, where ecological sustainability is a priority, and where nobody needs to go fight another man’s wars.

There have been about 150 World Constitutions proposed since the end of World War II in an effort to implement a lasting peace on earth. The one which has come furthest in its development and implementation was proposed by the Earth Federation Movement in 1968. Finally completed in 1991, it awaits only the ratification of enough world leaders to provide it with official world status.

The broad functions of the Earth Federation are to prevent war, eliminate weapons of mass destruction, protect universal human rights, end poverty, regulate international processes, protect the biosphere, and solve world problems that are beyond the capacity of national governments.

A Collegium of World Judges has been further proposed by the Earth Federation Movement, consisting of retired Supreme Court justices from all over the world, in order to initiate and staff a World Supreme Court under the authority of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

Our survival today, and the survival of the Earth, depends on our ability to promote values of sustainability, justice, and peace in an increasingly chaotic world. The honourable chief justices from around the world who were present here in Lucknow have joined their voices with the 99% who are yearning for change, ready to disengage from the tyranny of war and oppression, and willing to commit their lives and resources to shape a new earth. It is time for us now to occupy our place as responsible and empowered world citizens, pledging our allegiance to the earth which sustains us, to the values of peace and human dignity, and to freedom and prosperity for all, irrespective of race, gender, or national origin.

To learn more about the Earth Federation Movement, please check out:,, and Please also check out, which provides an overview of the World Federalist Movements, of which the Earth Federation Movement is a part. The Earth Federation website also includes a 30 page document crystallizing the demands of the 99%, as being voiced by Occupy movements springing up around the world.


Kiara Windrider, MA, MFT, has an undergraduate degree in Peace Studies, and a graduate degree in Transpersonal Psychology. He is a licensed psychotherapist, peace educator, and author of several books on the journey of planetary awakening, including ‘Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift’, which was released in November 2011. He can be reached at


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