Togo - Countryside in the north


   The valley where the village of Chari is located, not far from where former President Eyadema was born.



Traditional mud brick and thatched houses in a northern village with more modern houses (mud brick and metal roofing).



Another small village with traditional mud walls and thatched roofs.  Everywhere, as here, subsistence agriculture is practiced.



My colleague, Eugenia Almand, enters a traditional mud brick house in Chari village.



A decaying, abandoned traditional village.  Worldwide, people from third world countries are moving to the cities in hope of a better life.



A rural village engaged in subsistence agriculture



Several streams like this one run through Kara in the north.  Because of widespread poverty, people (like those here) must wash their clothes in these streams that carry Cholera and Typhoid and other water borne diseases.


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