Scenes from Lome, capitol of Togo


Even in the capitol city in the south, most streets are dirt and where ever possible, people are growing something for subsistence living.  As in much of the Third World, after rain, mud is everywhere.



Motorbikes, motorcycles, and bicycles are everywhere.  There is more western dress in the south than in the north.



This woman (with whom we spent some time) makes her living doing Voodoo, helping people contact powers in themselves and nature to do good and solve their problems in life.



At our host's (Professor Balouki) home in Lome.  His daughter and I are mashing yams so they can be prepared for dinner.



A little girl in Lome



            One of many locations in Lome where wood is being prepared for general sale.  Throughout   the third world wood is burned for cooking, one of the main factors of deforestation of our planet.


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