AIDS Wall Murals in Kara, Togo


The battle against AIDS is tremendous in Africa.  Every place I stayed had a poster on the back of the door containing condoms in a paper pocket and instructions for proper use in the battle against AIDS ("le Sida").


This mural shows the relationship between sex and AIDS.  Informational posters were everywhere in Kara.  The Togo government is very advanced in this respect.



This mural shows three sexual choices: abstinence, fidelity to one person, or promiscuity.  The third choice is depicted on the right as the snare that leads to AIDS.



The dialogue is in French as Togo people usually speak one of several native languages plus French.   These murals are all sponsored by the city of Kara unit against AIDS ("le VIH/SIDA).



There is a dialogue in this mural between a woman and her health care worker.  The phone number of the organization to stop AIDS is given on many murals.


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