Teachers and Students from INSAK


These two friends of ours were so helpful to us that Eugenia Almand and myself treated them to dinner at this fancy restaurant called "Le Jardin" (the Garden).



Teachers sitting in front of the school.



Students and teachers in front of the school.



Esther, teacher of English at INSAK, and often my translator, is here cooking "pott," a ball of soft meal that is eaten by hand and dipped in "soup," a sauce which gives flavor to the pott.   Most cooking in Togo is done in kettles such as this over a charcoal fire as we see here.


Esther doing dishes.  Typical of Kara and much of Togo, water is carried in and poured into the drum on the right (where some pots are floating).  Dishes are done by hand and the water goes onto the ground.  There are no sinks, toilets, and other features of running water in most homes.  Esther's mother and sister are in the background.



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