Rajasthan and Sardarshahar

The clock toward which is at the city center in Sardarshahar

City streets: a main intersection.

Homes and shops line the narrow streets.

Some fancy homes found on a number of streets.

These narrow streets were laid out some 200 years ago.

Every morning women sweep the streets of the city.

Dr. Surendra Pathak, Director of the Value Education Program at IASE University, and his wonderful daughters, Sunita and Suramya, show me some sights of Sardarsharhar, including the Hindu temple dedicated to the Monkey God, Hanuman (in the background).

The main hall of the temple.

The front entrance of the 80 room mansion of the Dugar family in Sardarshahar

Along the road from the town to IASE University (about one kilometer)

A common sight on this road.

Along a road in the town.

Nearly everywhere one looks there are piles of sand. 
The whole Thar Desert appears as a land of sand and sand-dunes.

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