WCPA report for December 2012:

The Chief Justices Conference in Lucknow,
meetings with leaders of the Global Harmony Association (GHA) in Delhi,
and meetings in Istanbul.

I arrived in Lucknow on December 5, and on December 6th CMS teachers put me to work with a group of perhaps 50 CMS students who had been selected to develop a presentation to the justices assembled for the Chief Justices Conference. It was delightful to interact with the alert and intelligent young people. About 20 of these students asked for my autograph, and perhaps 8 or 10 of these had copies of my edited book on the Earth Constitution for me to sign.

Mr.Ravi Anand from Lucknow attended the Chief Justices Conference on behalf of WCPA and was very helpful thorough out the conference. The same is true for Mr. Ramakrishnan, who travelled all the way from Chennai to represent WCPA Chennai. He was immensely helpful in promoting WCPA for the several days of the conference. We met very cordially with the two justices who were also from Tamil Nadu attending the conference. Thanks to Professor Ananthanarayanan and the Chennai Chapter, they were already familiar with our work.

Dr. Dauji Gupta came by my room at the Convention Center and we had a good talk about WCPA. He will be in the US in June and will be able to join the Seminar at Raquette Lake if we hold this in June, which we will do. Dr. Preeti Shankar was also very helpful throughout the conference, even though she was also necessarily busy with CMS work. Preeti, Sushil, and their family hosted me, Laj Utreja, Dr. Pathak, and Mr. Ramakrishnan for a very nice dinner on the last evening of the conference. Preeti gave me a wonderful Indian vest that I wore everyday while in Istanbul the following week.

ChoodaMani Kadel, President of the WCPA Nepal Chapter, was also there. We discussed the best time to come to Nepal for the inauguration and confirmation of the WCPA chapter there. During the Chief Justices conference, I chaired two breakout sessions. At one of these I gave the substance of my speech called “The Universal Rule of Law versus Worldwide Liquid War: Civilization or Barbarism?” I also spoke at the plenary session of the conference on the last day, at which time I gave my speech “The Legitimacy and Necessity of the Earth Constitution.” I have asked CMS for copies of the videos of these speeches so that we can put them on U-tube, etc. They can both be found in printed form on my website at http://www.radford.edu/~gmartin/worldgov.art.dir.html

At one of the plenary sessions (in which the children enacted a model world parliament) CMS showed a video on a model world parliament that culminated in a photo of the Earth Constitution book that I edited. The video was very well done. I have asked for a copy of this as well, which I think will be valuable for our work. On the very last day of the Justices Conference there was the Press Conference at the elegant Clark Hotel. I was asked to be one of those to speak to the press.

December 10, one day before the end of the conference, Lajj Utreja and Dr. Surendra Pathak of the Global Harmony Association arrived in Lucknow. They were there to meet me, and Dr. Pathak was to accompany me back to Delhi where they had arranged my stay in the Radisson Blu Hotel for several days until my flight to Istanbul on the 15th. Laj Utreja has been given some 70 acres from the IASE campus in Rajasthan to begin an Institute for Global Harmony, and Dr. Pathak, with the support of IASE Chancellor Shri Kanak Dugar, is helping him develop this plan.

In Delhi, Dr. Pathak was a wonderful host. He arranged for several journalists to come to my hotel to learn about WCPA. IASE Deemed University Chancellor Kanak Dugar also honored me by coming to my hotel to meet me. We later visited the offices of IASE University in Delhi. From these offices much of their distance education takes place. We discussed the possibility of their hosting an office for WCPA within their suite of offices. We were also accompanied several times by WCPA member Amit Paul, who also hosted Dr. Pathak and me for dinner at his home in Delhi. He was a wonderful host and has offered to host WCPA visitors to Delhi any time, as well as do the work of WCPA in the Delhi area. He has volunteered to mail or deliver invitations to the 13th session of the Provisional World Parliament to all Delhi consulates and embassies as well as other eminent persons in the Delhi area. WCPA is very grateful to him for this significant commitment.

I was honored to meet many interesting people in Delhi known by Dr. Pathak and/or associated with IASE University. He also took me to visit the India Gate, the Indian government buildings, the Gandhi memorial, and the Lotus Temple of the Baha’i faith. In the Lotus Temple we were given a personal tour after hours by the Director. A wonderful press conference was also arranged for me at the Women’s Press Club of India, located in the central section of Delhi. There were 20-30 journalists present and lunch was served after the conference. I was very pleased at this event.

I flew to Istanbul on December 15 and stayed in the Sarnic Hotel just down the hill from the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. Ahmet Akcan gave me a tour of many places where Turkish arts were being practiced. He is one of the delegation members who had been at the Chief Justices Conference. He is not only a lawyer, but the head of a foundation for the arts in Istanbul. Through his wife, Esra Alan Akcan, who was also part of the delegation to Lucknow and teaches at the Istanbul Kulture Unviersity law school, they arranged for me to give a seminar about the Constitution to 6 or 8 Ph.D. law students and professors. Dr. Omer Korkmaz, who was also in Lucknow, co-hosted my wonderful reception at IKU law school.

Thanks to Dr. Pathak, we were put in contact with Haji Syed Salman Chisty who arranged for us (my wife Phyllis Turk and me) to meet Sufi Master Tayyar Effendi Baba and some of his pupils, including Ph.D. student of religion, Radade Fidan. We spent perhaps two hours with this lovely group. I gave a copy of my book Triumph of Civilization to the Master. He said that he would support the Earth Constitution and our work for a common, harmonious civilization among all humanity.

I think that our work in Lucknow, Delhi, and Istanbul during December 2012 was quite successful. We got the word out widely about WPCA, the Earth Constitution, and the upcoming session of the Provisional World Parliament in December 2013. This is perhaps the most important result of all that travel and expense, which very much needs to be done for these reasons. I also met many wonderful people at all three locations, people I would never had known if I had “stayed at home, piped a silly pipe, and took tea and comfortable advice” as the poet puts it so well.

In peace, hope, and solidarity to you all,

Glen Martin
WCPA President


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